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SMT placement machine and improve the speed of proofing
SMT placement machine and improve the speed of proofing

SMT placement machine and improve the speed of proofing


SMT placement machine: also known as placement machine, surface mount technology, in the SMT production line, it is configured after the dispenser or solder paste printer, and the electronic components are accurately placed on the PCB pads through the placement head A kind of equipment.

SMT placement machines can be divided into manual and fully automatic. Now the mainstream is mainly automatic placement machines. The early main transmission structure of the placement machine can be classified into two types: arch type and turret type.

The arch type structure is simple, the PCB is placed on a fixed workbench, the feeder is fixed, the placement head is installed on the arch type X/Y coordinate moving beam, and the components on the feeder are picked up by X/Y movement. These types of placement machines are smaller in size, with higher placement accuracy and stability. Both large and small components can be placed at the same time. However, the long back and forth movement of the placement head results in lower efficiency and slower speed.

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The structure of the turret type is relatively complicated. The PCB is placed on the Table platform, and the Table platform moves on the XY axis. The platform with the feeder moves continuously in the left and right directions of the placement machine, and the feeder with the components to be sucked is moved to the sucking position. The PCB runs in the x-y direction, so that the PCB is accurately positioned at the specified placement position, and the turret of the placement machine carries components at multiple points, and implements visual inspection and rotation correction during the movement. To realize high-speed placement in the true sense, the single turret type placement machine is expensive and bulky.

Now with the advancement of science and technology and the flexible and changeable needs of manufacturing companies, the smaller arch-type placement machine has been developed by a long way. Combined with the advantages of the turret type, it has evolved into a variety of composite modules. Equipment, old-fashioned heavy turret machines have begun to slowly withdraw from the stage of history.

SMT placement machine is used to realize high-speed, high-precision and automatic placement of components. It is the most critical and complex equipment in the entire SMT production. The placement machine is the main equipment in the SMT production line. Now, the placement machine has developed from an early low-speed mechanical placement machine to a high-speed optical centering placement machine, and it has developed to a multi-functional, flexible connection and modularization.

How to improve the speed of SMT patch proofing?

      In the electronic product manufacturing and processing industry, in addition to the frequent R&D template placement tasks, there are also many cases of expedited placement processing. When encountering urgent SMT placement processing tasks, not only must the task be completed within the specified time, And it is necessary to ensure the quality, so today I will talk about how to improve the speed of SMT patch proofing and what preparation work needs to be done.

  First, whether it is an urgent task or not, it is good to know how to increase the speed of SMT patch proofing, so that the work efficiency of SMT patch processing can also be improved. After encountering tasks that require rapid processing, you should ensure that you have prepared SMT patch processing data in advance, such as the bom of the patch, the location coordinates of the patch, the patch map and the template, etc., so that the patch can be prepared in advance Offline program.

Secondly, the SMD materials provided must be exquisite. SMT patch proofing cannot be prepared. There are still problems with SMD materials. We must pay attention to the quantity of materials to the specific specifications and parameters of the materials. , So that there will be no problems due to SMD materials during processing.

Third, most of the SMT patch proofing workshops now work in two shifts, so the information that needs to be marked on the bom must be marked, otherwise there is no way to ask if there are problems in the night shift. The original resistance of incoming materials must be marked with an accuracy of 1 % Or 5%, the voltage of the components should be stated for the incoming capacitors, and whether the IC chip, triode, etc. can be used instead, these should be noted on the bom, otherwise it will be verified during SMT chip processing. This information will affect the processing speed, so the preparatory work before processing cannot be ignored.

Increasing the speed of SMT patch proofing is naturally not only reflected in the preparations just mentioned before processing. When SMT patch processing, as a technician, we must ensure that the best condition is reduced to reduce the error rate, so as to ensure quality assurance. Increase the processing speed of SMT patch.