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How to choose a reliable SMT processing plant?
How to choose a reliable SMT processing plant?

How to choose a reliable SMT processing plant?


SMT processing plants on the market can be roughly divided into the following types:

One type is a customized processing factory, which belongs to the professional type, and only produces for a certain industry or a certain product. For example: only make mobile phone boards, only make tablet computers, and only stick led lights or led display screens. All of their machines, auxiliary machinery and equipment, professional personnel, and testing equipment are all based on this type of product. Although only one type of product is made, it is also called manufacturing and processing with supplied materials to the outside world. If your product is not of the kind they produce, I suggest you to look at other companies.

The other is a large-scale processing plant, which belongs to the relatively large type with many machine production lines and high production capacity. There are two specific types, one is high-end precision quality type, and the other is low-end low-end type. These two production methods. You can understand it literally. If your product is simple and large in quantity, look for a low-end product. In this case, the price is naturally cheap. On the contrary, if your board has a high additional price, a complex board, and a high precision, you have to look for it carefully and look for the precise quality type.

Also, it is a workshop-type factory with only machinery and equipment and no one. T. Some only have high-speed machines, and the factories have no warehouse management and no quality. They only have booting and boarding. The price is very cheap, but the quality is difficult to guarantee!

pcb board

According to the current processing market in our surroundings, one point of service can only be used for patching. No hand-applied components are allowed. Can be omitted.

In addition, it is our type of processing plant. The professional lean processing plant produced for small batches, prototypes, replacement boards, and purchasing components is still very different from traditional processing plants. First, the personnel organization system is very comprehensive, similar to that of a general-scale processing plant. But the staffing is a bit special: there are order-receivers, which is different from traditional order-receivers. The bom we receive is generally sorted. The pcb file can be processed into patch maps and coordinate files required for programming, similar to the role of an engineering assistant.

Warehouse management, patch components, plug-in components, packaging, and values must all be familiar, not just ordering materials, not only incoming materials, but also purchasing circuit boards and components; engineering personnel, operators; more importantly There are hand-sticking technicians, BGA chips, and small components as small as 0201. We have a set of mature and effective hand-sticking methods; post-welding Kanban repairers require that all components that can see the feet can be removed. , Can be welded, can be repaired. These are very different from traditional methods.

The entire workshop is closed and fully air-conditioned. Ensure that the temperature and humidity of the entire production process have a direct impact on product welding.

Therefore, we have always described the orders we have received as: orders that large factories are not willing to do, and orders that small factories cannot do.

There are many SMT factories, but few specialize in small batches. There are very few processing plants of this type that are capable of hand sticking, machine sticking, precision, quality, material substitution, and material purchase.

With the rise of smart belting and the Internet of Things, early R&D, production, and small batches require a batch of processing plants that can engage in lean production and fine processing. I believe that I can do this well, and I also hope that I can catch up with the wave of Internet +. Contribute your own strength here!

In many SMT processing plants, how to choose a trustworthy supplier?

1. Look at the degree of professional cooperation (Concept of Cooperation)

SMT processing is a link in the entire electronic product manufacturing process. Under the condition of highly developed equipment and improved management, the professional cooperation of SMT processing plants seems to determine whether your PCB boards can be delivered on schedule, whether the quality is controllable, Whether it can be repaired in time, these added values are far higher than the unit price gap between 9% and 1 cent. How to check the degree of cooperation of SMT processing plants? Start with people. Through conversations with the management and even the boss of the SMT processing plant, observe whether they have a sincere attitude and belief in handling matters. In addition, you can also learn about the reputation of the processing plant and the customer cases that have been served through a third party.

2. Look at the quality control process (Quality Control)

In order to reduce the unit price, many SMT processing plants are fighting in the market, at the risk of sacrificing quality, reducing QC personnel or not equipped with AOI for testing and other means. In the process of evaluating the SMT processing plant, it is necessary to observe in detail and understand whether the warehouse’s IQC, post-furnace inspection, QC and other series of posts are set up, whether the AOI testing equipment is properly equipped, whether it is open to use, and the engineering staff’s understanding of the quality management method. Introduction and documentation, etc., only a comprehensive understanding can ensure that your products can be perfectly processed.

3. Look at the mental outlook of management and employees (Work Passion)

The mental outlook of front-line employees and managers determines whether your products can maintain a high yield, consistency, etc., because products are made by people or operating equipment. Whether the communication with the managers is smooth, whether they are passionate, whether the employees are meticulous in their work, and each fulfills their duties.

4. Give up these useless reviews (Give Up These Audits)

Look at the size of the factory: unless your order is sufficient for 100k, any SMT processing factory can do it

Look at SMT equipment: Unless the PCB board has very small materials (such as 0201 and below) or complex processes (POP, etc.), ordinary factory SMT equipment can do it

Look at the quotation: At first glance, the quotation is a little bit outrageous, so I will deny an SMT processing plant, and it may deny it is a very good one. Anyone who dares to speak is capable and requires quality. The initial quotation can only be referenced, not even referenced.

Look at the breasts: Just relying on the promise of breast-beating from the SMT processing plant, or happy chat, I chose this supplier emotionally, which is very risky.

Good companies have long-term stable SMT processing plants, but bad companies are always looking for them, repeating yesterday’s story. Therefore, when choosing an SMT patch factory, you need to pay attention to these conditions. Keep your eyes open to identify. You can't just find one to save trouble. The result is not worth the gain!