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SMT technology accelerates the efficiency of assembly
SMT technology accelerates the efficiency of assembly

SMT technology accelerates the efficiency of assembly


SMT technology accelerates the efficiency of assembly

This article describes how SMT chip processing chip technology can accelerate the efficiency of electronic assembly

In today's society, the electronics manufacturing industry is developing very rapidly, and the SMT patch processing technology has also improved a lot. In this case, why is the patch operation an inevitable part of the company's manufacturing plant? How can SMT chip processing chip technology accelerate the efficiency of electronic assembly? This article will answer for you.

1. Micro chip processing technology

Micro-nano chip processing, micro-chip processing, and some precision processing techniques used in electronic manufacturing are collectively referred to as micro-chip processing. The micro-nano patch processing in the micro patch processing technology is basically a planar integration method. The basic idea of planar integration is to build micro-nano structures on planar substrate materials by layer-by-layer stacking. In addition, the use of photon beams, electron beams and ion beams for cutting, welding, 3D printing, etching, sputtering and other patch processing methods also belong to micro patch processing.

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2. Interconnection and encapsulation technology

The interconnection between the chip and the lead-out circuit on the PCB substrate, such as flip-chip bonding, wire bonding, through silicon via (TSV) and other technologies, and the encapsulation technology after the chip and the substrate are interconnected. This technology is commonly referred to as Chip packaging technology. Passive component manufacturing technology. Including the manufacturing technology of passive components such as capacitors, resistors, inductors, transformers, filters, and antennas.

3. Optoelectronic packaging technology

Optoelectronic packaging is the system integration of optoelectronic devices, electronic components and functional application materials. In the optical communication system, optoelectronic packaging can be divided into chip IC-level packaging, device packaging, and mold MEMS manufacturing technology. A micro system that integrates sensors, actuators, and processing control circuits on a single silicon chip using micro-chip processing technology.

4. Electronic assembly technology

SMT electronic assembly technology is commonly referred to as board-level packaging technology. Electronic assembly technology is mainly based on surface assembly and through-hole insertion technology. Electronic materials technology. Electronic materials refer to materials used in electronic technology and microelectronics technology, including dielectric materials, semiconductor devices, piezoelectric and ferroelectric materials, conductive metals and their alloy materials, magnetic materials, optoelectronic materials, electromagnetic wave shielding materials and others related materials. The preparation and application technology of electronic materials is the basis of SMT electronic manufacturing technology.