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Exploratory research on SMT technology [Patch adhesive]
Exploratory research on SMT technology [Patch adhesive]

Exploratory research on SMT technology [Patch adhesive]


During the patching process, the properties of the patch adhesive are analyzed, and the subsequent printed board patch processing is carried out according to the specific conditions of the patch adhesive, which has a greater comprehensive benefit for the improvement of the company's final product quality. In view of this situation, this article analyzes and explores the properties of different patch adhesives, and combines the actual conditions of the patch processing process to conduct exploration and research work on SMT patch technology.

1. The necessity of research on the selection of patch adhesives in SMT manual welding applications

In the SMT welding process, one of the important processing methods used is the SMT technology,

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which mainly uses wave soldering in the product welding process. Under the background of such technical application, it is necessary to select a suitable adhesive glue on the printed board and the patch to be pasted to ensure that the film to be bonded can be stably maintained on the printed board to prevent it from appearing during the welding process. The displacement affects the normal use of the welding operation.

Up to now, the main types of soldering colloids that can be used include: epoxy resin, acrylate and other substances. These welding colloids have their own unique characteristics in the application process, and have their own unique advantages for the welding process under different conditions. In view of this situation, through the efficient screening of the patch glue used in the SMT manual soldering patch, it is helpful to select the patch glue suitable for the SMT manual soldering patch, and enter the quality and placement of the SMT manual soldering patch process. The improvement of film efficiency plays an important role in promoting.

2. The necessity of research on the selection of patch adhesives in SMT manual welding applications

Up to now, in the process of production and processing of SMT hand-soldered patches, there are often cases in which the selection of patch glue is not appropriate, resulting in the displacement of the film paste in the printed board processing, which in turn leads to the performance of the finished printed board. It is difficult to meet the actual needs of electronic products, and it is more likely that the printed products will be scrapped due to repeated repairs and unqualified. This requires effective control of the selection process of the patch adhesive to prevent the occurrence of errors in the selection of the patch adhesive.

However, most of the manual soldering process does not pay attention to the correct selection of SMT manual soldering patches, and the importance of the patch glue used, which leads to the fact that there are often SMT manual soldering patches in the actual welding process. , The patch glue used and the wave soldering method do not match. In view of this situation, it is necessary for companies to not only pay attention to the updated research on the SMT processing technology in the process of SMT manual soldering, but also to correctly select the patch glue used for SMT manual soldering. A number of properties of the chip adhesive were studied, and the most optimized chip adhesive was selected to ensure the high-quality completion of the welding process.