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SMT precautions and methods to improve product quality
SMT precautions and methods to improve product quality

SMT precautions and methods to improve product quality


SMT patch processing is a very critical stage in one-stop PCBA patch processing. Such a stage will seriously affect the quality of a PCBA product or even the product quality of this batch of products. In SMT foundry materials, electronic processing factories generally have strict patch processing regulations, which stipulate patch processing personnel to carry out patch processing according to such a process, and these regulations are analyzed from the precautions of every detail. from. The following professional SMT chip processing factory will give you a brief introduction to the precautions for manual soldering in SMT chip processing.

1. Before the PCBA board is soldered, it must be prepared before soldering, so that the components and the pads of the pcb circuit board are in a solderable state.

2. When the SMT patch is processed and welded, it is necessary to wear an anti-static cap and pull up long hair. .

3. The soldering iron tip is not allowed to be immersed in the flux for a long time during SMT chip processing and welding, and it is not allowed to use other highly corrosive chemical industrial products as the flux.

4. The electric soldering iron should be selected according to the actual heat required for soldering.

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5. Choosing rosin solder paste as flux can improve the wetting effect of components and increase the solderability of components. The flux can be directly used as a rosin block, or it can be configured into a rosin alcohol solution.

6. The ic integrated circuit should be carried out last in the welding of the entire electronic product, and an anti-static wristband must be worn when welding, and the electric soldering iron must be reliably grounded. You can also use a dedicated socket for ic integrated circuits. After soldering the socket, insert the ic integrated circuit on it. This method is convenient for the maintenance and replacement of frequently used and frequently damaged chips.

7. After the SMT chip processing and welding are completed, wipe the residual flux on the circuit board with alcohol to prevent the carbonized flux from affecting the normal operation of the circuit.

8. After the welding is completed, you need to turn off the power and clean the desktop.

9. After the electric soldering iron is frequently used for a period of time, the power cord needs to be replaced to prevent the root of the power cord or the inside from breaking.

Improve the quality of smt patch processing products

The smt patch processing technology has been widely used in the electronics industry. The product quality of smt patch processing is related to the actual effect of product forming, and it is also a test of corporate strength. Improving the quality of smt patch processing products is the overall goal of every smt factory.

1. Select enterprise technical personnel. Establish an internal product quality organization network within the enterprise, provide timely and accurate product quality feedback, select product quality personnel to serve as product quality inspectors on the production line, and the management is still managed by the product quality department; to avoid other factors interfering with the determination of product quality.

2. Ensure the accuracy of testing and maintenance of equipment and equipment. Check and maintain the product through the necessary equipment and equipment such as multimeter, anti-static wrist, soldering iron, ict and so on. Therefore, the product quality of the equipment itself will directly affect the quality of the produced products. In order to ensure the reliability of the equipment, inspections and measurements should be carried out in a timely manner in accordance with regulations. Jingbang Technology has high-precision testing equipment such as Yali offline aoi detector, x-ray detector, lcr bridge detector, 60 times digital electron microscope, etc., to ensure the quality standard of each product.

How to improve the product quality of smt patch processing technology

3. Formulate product quality regulations. The Quality Department shall formulate necessary product quality related rules and regulations and a departmental work responsibility system, restrict avoidable quality accidents through laws and regulations, and give clear rewards and punishments, and participate in product quality assessment by economic means; and establish a monthly quality within the enterprise prize.

4. The implementation of management measures. Quality management, in addition to strictly controlling the quality of the production process, it also takes the measures of inspectors to sample and inspect (or comprehensively inspect) the outsourced parts before entering the warehouse, determine that the pass rate does not meet the requirements of the national standard, and return the goods. And record the inspection results in writing.

5. Set product quality process control points. In order to ensure the normal progress of smt processing, it is necessary to strengthen the quality inspection of each process to monitor its operating status. Therefore, it is particularly important to establish product quality control points after some key processes in order to discover and correct quality problems in the PCBA subsequent processes in time to prevent unqualified products from entering the next process.