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Choose high-quality SMT domestic placement machine
Choose high-quality SMT domestic placement machine

Choose high-quality SMT domestic placement machine


With the development of the LED lighting industry, SMT domestic mounters have stepped onto the stage of history and gradually developed and matured. Today, the imported mounters used in SMT in the LED industry have been replaced by SMT domestic mounters.

At present, the quality of domestic SMT placement machines on the market is uneven. When competitors vigorously use SMT domestic placement machines, some people still question the stability, accuracy and durability of SMT domestic placement machines. The high speed, low labor cost and low maintenance cost of the SMT domestically produced placement machine have created a huge temptation for the current LED lighting industry to urgently need to reduce costs. The following editor will share with you how to choose a domestic SMT placement machine.

The most important thing to choose SMT domestic placement machine is to choose these performances: accuracy, stability, durability, high speed, and easy maintenance.


At present, the LED lighting industry mainly focuses on sticking lamp beads, and the lamp beads have larger pads.

pcb board

The fixed mounting LED lamp beads do not require high precision. However, with the development of the LED industry, the competition is becoming more and more fierce, and more and more LED products are power integrated, that is, the driving power is no longer separated from the lamp beads but integrated on the same circuit board. The driving power has electronic components such as IC, capacitors, resistors, diodes, etc. These components require relatively high precision and require a A visual recognition system is used to process the absorbed components into the required mounting angle through image recognition. In order not to be eliminated in a short period of three to five years for the placement machine that you purchased, you must choose the one with visual image correction function when choosing SMT domestic placement machine. The placement machine with visual image correction function is commonly known as the visual recognition placement machine, which can greatly guarantee the placement accuracy. The placement machine without visual recognition is not bad for single-angle component placement accuracy, and for multi-angle components such as circular circuit boards, even the accuracy of the LED lamp beads with large placement pads is worrying.


The stability of the placement machine is not only based on the hardware configuration, but the function of the software and the cooperation between the software and hardware are particularly important. At present, in order to get a share of the placement machine market, some manufacturers do not have the core software technology, and the hardware is also to deal with the bottom price in exchange for market share. Such placement machines are absolutely not to be bought. There are two reasons: 1. The software is bought by a writer, and it cannot be upgraded with a one-time buyout. It has loopholes and may conflict with its own supporting hardware and cause an accident. 2. The hardware is too poor, especially the core hardware guide rails, screw rods, and motors, which are easy to burn out, wear and break under the 24-hour high-speed operation of the SMT patch industry. Such a placement machine is only happy when you buy it with money, and it is painful to use it every day after you buy it. Especially when rushing to production, the placement machine went on strike twice in three days, customers urged the goods, offended customers, lost important customers, and scolded employees in a fit of anger. The employees were unhappy and left, and it would be useless if their lungs exploded.


At present, a domestic SMT placement machine on the market can range from 800,000 to 90,000, and as many as hundreds of thousands. Why is there such a big difference in price? It depends on the hardware configuration. The core parts of a good placement machine are imported. The famous brand motors, screw rods and guide rails, and even the cables are world-class, and some manufacturers use domestic OEM motors, impurity screw rods, miscellaneous brand guide rails, and the screw rods and guide rails are very thin. Think about the placement machine Running for 24 hours, if the motor, screw and guide rail are not good, can the placement machine be durable?

High speed

The market is fiercely competitive in the LED lighting industry. SMT patch prices are becoming increasingly low, which requires an increase in patch speed. For example, the patch machine used in one factory can paste 15000 CPH an hour, while the patch used in another factory can paste 25000 CPH an hour. The cost of site, labor, management, etc. used by each factory are all the same. Obviously, the latter has a lot more benefits, and the former will definitely be eliminated in market competition.

Easy to maintain

 Imported second-hand machines have been used for decades, and they are all eliminated by others. The structure is complicated, the parts have been aging, and the replacement frequency and cost are high. Because the software is in foreign languages, the requirements for operators are relatively high, and it is difficult to find Operator. SMT domestic placement machine, full Chinese operation interface, easy to understand and learn, operator manufacturers help training, machine brand new parts, simple structure, easy maintenance, low power consumption, and fast mounting speed. Easy to maintain. This SMT domestically produced placement machine outperforms imported second-hand placement machines.