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Maintenance tips for PCBA production and processing PCB
Maintenance tips for PCBA production and processing PCB

Maintenance tips for PCBA production and processing PCB


  PCBA shows the general name of Printed Circuit Board + Assembly in English. In addition, all the solders that go through SMT and then DIP software are commonly referred to as PCBA. (Note: At this stage, the fashionable SMT surface mounting technology is relative to the initial buried-hole insertion technology. This is to "stick" the electronic components on the PCB circuit board, and not to compare with the buried-hole insertion technology. The device is inserted into the buried hole of the pcb circuit board for electric welding. SMT technology is called a reform of electronic device assembly).


  In the previous manuscript, I shared with my friends the two methods of board inspection and repair in PCBA production and processing. The solutions to different boards will be different, and there are differences. So is it enough to replace all the components that can be replaced on the board? The result is no, the components still have to be adjusted, and the key is to pay more attention to the overall utility.

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  For example, use special tools such as online testers to scan misunderstandings like computer games. Mark each component and compare it to the VI curve.

  The result of doing that is to find some common faults, but it is not necessarily the all-rounder to repair the board. "Because the integrated IC based on the online tester is not necessarily damaged, and some integrated ICs that have passed the test may not be No damage. Because not every component can be searched in the component library, so the CNC lathe circuit board is constantly upgraded and upgraded, which means that the testing tools need to be continuously upgraded to obtain their own mid-to-late-term willingness. the result of.

  The technical strength of the maintenance staff in the sales market is one of the factors that immediately jeopardize the success and failure of the maintenance. If there is no PCB schematic  diagram, it is necessary to carry out the maintenance of a relatively familiar circuit board, in addition to the strong knowledge of hardware equipment , It is necessary to have an overhaul technical engineer who has a good grasp of the circuit principle and structure to carry out the overhaul very well. When he sees a familiar circuit board, he should first distinguish the effect of this board by observing the structure of the hardware device. When distinguishing the function of a circuit board, in the future, we must construct a block diagram of the secondary circuit board in our mind, and then analyze from the alarm data statistics which stage is the common fault. There will be many elements. The device must be removed and replaced before testing.

  If you can ask now that the maintenance staff are so interested in not going to design the plan, they still need this maintenance?

  In fact, designing and overhauling is the most popular way to make money. Many companies in the sales market pay no less than the salary of overhauling staff than designing programs. It is more interesting to do overhauls, and you must deal with different items every day. Many maintenance masters still love the happy mood after finding difficult problems and successfully repairing them.

  At the time of maintenance, the skill of the staff is also very important. Repairing circuit boards is a very meticulous work. There are a lot of components and pcb circuit boards and they are very easy to be damaged. Therefore, the actual operation must be very careful and necessary tooling is required. Auxiliary software such as fixtures. To carry out disassembly and assembly, electric welding, etc., each worker must think through the work process before proceeding, all in order to prevent unnecessary damage and cause excessive costs. For the integrated ic of the program process, the best way to back up files is to carry out backup files, and do not allow back up files to do nothing privately. Therefore, all maintenance staff must take a careful look at their own work, give customers 100% help, and make customers feel at ease.