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New PCBA products enter the 1860 Internet of Vehicles
New PCBA products enter the 1860 Internet of Vehicles

New PCBA products enter the 1860 Internet of Vehicles


On January 12, 2016, the 1860 IoV Smart Rearview Mirror PCBA New Product Launch Conference and IoV Smart Terminal Industry Alliance (Preparation) Inauguration Ceremony was held in a grandly anticipated manner. The conference attracted more than 500 industry elites to participate, and the audience was full of friends. More than 40 news media gave their full support and came to the meeting.

No alliance, no great cause. The Internet of Vehicles Intelligent Terminal Industry Alliance includes various heroes, including Meisaida, Aaron Electronics, Benchuang Electronics, Yunzhisheng, Times Feixun, Diyang Optoelectronics, Mingyida, Zhongke Longzhi, Kekexili, Companion, Matrix, Youchuang, Zhirui Technology, Yuanmeng Health and Car Owner's Home, in order to create an open cooperation platform covering the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain in a true sense. The alliance integrates and coordinates the resources of the industrial chain, and gathers companies in the industrial chain that are interested in promoting the rapid development of intelligent terminals for the Internet of Vehicles, including chips, program research and development, SMT, system integration, intelligent driving assistance, software development, voice recognition, precision molds, and touch lenses , High-end wire, industrial design, operation service, brand operation, channel operation, etc., to create an efficient and dynamic industrial alliance.

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The work of the times sincerity boxing

At the press conference on January 12, in addition to announcing the establishment of the IoV Smart Terminal Industry Alliance, the audience also appreciated the industry alliance’s first work-1860 IoV Smart Rearview Mirror PCBA.

This PCBA series of research and development personnel has been tempered for several months, and is born with outstanding and stable genes. Using six-core processor chips, unique craftsmanship and excellent technical strength, it achieves its excellent performance and stability. The board is small but beautiful, and the functions are large and complete, integrating 4G hotspots, voice recognition, front and rear HD dual recording, one-key social sharing, dual Bluetooth, ADAS track deviation monitoring, one-key navigation, human injury/road rescue and other functions All in one, or will lead the smart rearview mirror into a new era of six-core 4G.

Four major strategies, win-win cooperation

To form an alliance, the vision of member companies is not limited to product sales, but is intended to construct a new profit model and ecosystem. The specific implementation path is four major strategies-system advanced strategy, user density strategy, 2B alliance strategy and service terminal O2O strategy.

The system's advanced strategy is to guide users from the entry of SmartBox, CanBox and other non-screen smart terminals, to advance to smart rearview mirrors, and eventually become heavy users of large-screen smart cars. The 1860 car networking smart rearview mirror PCBA is not only an iteration of smart rearview mirror products, but also the first work of the 1860 product matrix. The follow-up alliance will also launch 1860 smart large-screen car cameras, driving recorders and HUD products.

The 2B alliance strategy is to integrate merchants at key nodes in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to form an industrial alliance. The Internet of Vehicles is not the "private land" of each company. It requires companies to accelerate the construction of an industrial chain collaborative innovation system, gather various resources, and jointly develop solutions.

The service terminal O2O strategy is to integrate high-quality service resources, decentralize and de-intermediate, and establish localized service terminals through brand authorization. The core function of the service terminal is to provide services, maintain customer relationships, and reverse the flow of guidance.

The above three strategies ultimately point to the user density strategy. Through the implementation of system advanced strategy, 2B alliance strategy and service terminal O2O strategy, users can quickly accumulate and achieve the goal of operation.

When the user density is high enough, user portraits can be performed. At present, Mesaida, the solution provider in the alliance, has reached cooperation with insurance companies such as Continent Insurance, Pacific Insurance, Anbang Insurance, Huaan Insurance, and UBI Enterprise Rui Sr. Win, and feed back the IoV Smart Terminal Industry Alliance.

Build a benign ecosystem for the Internet of Vehicles

The IoV Smart Rearview Mirror Industry Alliance positions itself as an efficient and competitive open cooperation platform. With the addition of more members, the alliance can explore the entire life cycle of the car and create a benign ecosystem of the Internet of Vehicles in a true sense.

With the good start of the 1860 car networking smart rearview mirror PCBA, it is foreseeable that the future alliance will cultivate more new technologies, new products, new business forms, and new models, which will contribute to the development of the car networking industry and the construction of the industrial ecosystem. , Will exert a positive influence.