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SMT patch must have steel mesh production process
SMT patch must have steel mesh production process

SMT patch must have steel mesh production process


Mastering the key points of SMT patch is equivalent to grasping the soul of smt patch process technology. No matter how complicated and changeable the bad soldering phenomenon is encountered, the electronic processing factory can analyze and solve the problem in the right direction.

Basically, the classification of SMT patch steel mesh is divided into three categories according to the production and processing methods, that is: chemical etching process, laser cutting process, electroforming process and other processes.

These are the differences in production methods, but the preliminary steps are basically the same. For example, customers provide ready-made PCB circuit boards, which are scanned and drawn into production files; or they are directly provided with drawings (ie PCB design files or Gerber files,

pcb board

etc. Electronic files that can be processed by computers) are sent to the smt stencil manufacturer, and then the engineering department of the smt stencil manufacturer conducts pre-production design processing to make finished documents suitable for final processing, and then get it to the production department for production.

With the development of smt steel mesh, more than 95% of the steel mesh in the SMT patch processing industry is made by laser cutting, that is, Jiali Chuang laser steel mesh. Next, let's briefly introduce the three production methods and advantages and disadvantages of smt steel mesh:

1. Chemical etching: Apply a layer of anti-acid glue on the steel plate to remove the glue where the opening is needed, exposing the steel plate, and corrode the steel plate with acid to form an opening. The effect of using this kind of steel plate is not very good.

2. Laser cutting: It is very simple to use laser to directly drill holes in the place where the opening is needed. This kind of steel plate is the most used and the price is relatively cheap.

3. Electroforming: This kind of steel plate is based on laser engraving. The inner wall and the opening chamfer are electroformed at the opening, so that the inner wall of the opening is very smooth, which is good for tinning. This kind of steel plate is very expensive and is not used much, unless there are special requirements for the process, it is generally not used.

If you need SMT SMT steel mesh, it is best to purchase SMT steel mesh according to your actual situation. If the opening is very simple, you do not need to paste very precise components (including 0.5MM and below IC, 0201CHIP material, etc.), then chemical The etching method can fully meet the needs.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of laser steel mesh compared with other ordinary steel mesh?

Advantages: Compared with etched steel mesh and electroformed steel mesh. Laser SMT steel mesh is simple to make, fast, accurate, easy to use, and affordable. After the laser steel mesh is electropolished, the quality is better and the effect is better. At present, most SMT patch processing on the market will use laser steel mesh.

Disadvantages: the thickness is single, the ladder steel mesh cannot be made, and the treatment of irregular shapes of rounded corners and chamfers is not perfect.