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PCB and SMT processing and component procurement
PCB and SMT processing and component procurement

PCB and SMT processing and component procurement


PCB circuit board quick proofing

We are extremely good at providing customers with fast circuit board proofing services in the shortest 24 hours. When your company needs fast circuit board proofing, you only need to deliver the files to us, you can receive high-quality circuit boards in a short time, and have very attractive price competitiveness. In addition, we will also reflect the design problems found in your PCB circuit board proofing process in the trial production report. All DFM manufacturability inspections and process problem discovery reports in the production process are free of charge. Many PCB fast-proofing companies on the market put together more than a dozen boards for cutting production, which will cause many hidden quality problems. We will only produce proofs for each PCB individually to ensure quality and reduce PCB circuit simulation verification. accuracy.

PCB multi-layer board and complex process

Support 1 to 36 layers of multi-layer boards, HDI, blind buried vias, BGA, vias in the disk, gold fingers, resin plug holes, laser drilling, 3mil line width and line spacing and other complex processes.

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SMT chip processing

All PCB circuit board processing SMT patch processing DIP plug-in service PCBA testing service Finished product assembly Component procurement Aging test Double-sided UV spraying mold shell circuit design service Free DFM inspection

SMT chip processing

SMT patch processing service, equipped with four fully automatic high-speed SMT patch production lines, fully automatic board loading machine, fully automatic solder paste printer, SPI solder paste thickness detector, multi-temperature reflow soldering, AOI optical inspection equipment, X-Ray X-ray inspection machine, baking machine, steel mesh cleaning machine, etc.,

The advantages of our SMT chip processing

1) A quality team with more than 15 people can effectively control important process links such as IQC incoming inspection, IPQC process inspection, OQA factory inspection and so on;

2) Equipped with a team of 5 electronic engineers to provide constructive improvement suggestions for DFM manufacturability inspections and engineering processes in the production process, and effectively improve product quality and production efficiency;

3) Implement MES electronic information kanban, effectively supervise the PMC production planning process, and ensure delivery;

4) Use ESD static protection pearl cotton or static bag for safe packaging to ensure the safety of the product during transportation.

Why outsource the procurement of electronic components?

More and more electronic product R&D companies streamline their organizational structure and allocate limited resources to the core competitiveness of R&D and sales, thereby outsourcing the cumbersome production and manufacturing links. Under this trend, it is bound to increase Demand for PCBA labor and materials. Customers only need to provide design documents to allow electronic manufacturers to purchase electronic components and complete the PCBA manufacturing process in accordance with the design requirements. This mode of contracting labor and materials saves the cost of personnel and sluggish costs in the customer's self-built material procurement, inspection and warehousing. On the contrary, it will save the total cost of the client enterprise and improve the efficiency of financial and product turnover.