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How to buy smt placement machine and plug-in machine
How to buy smt placement machine and plug-in machine

How to buy smt placement machine and plug-in machine


The smt placement machine has been in development for more than 20 years, and there are no less than 20 domestic and foreign brands. How to choose the most cost-effective products from many brands? It is the concern of every buyer. In this article, I mainly explain how to purchase smt placement machines and plug-in machines.

1. Purchase method

After clarifying the purchase motivation, we need to make reasonable purchases. Before purchasing, we need to understand the production status of the placement machine manufacturer, including the annual import quantity, price and reputation of the market. Secondly, we need to understand the basic characteristics of each brand of equipment and the actual use of the market.

1. Analysis of market share of smt placement machine. The market share of the placement machine can be judged by referring to the imported quantity of smt placement machines in the customs, or by the data actually used in the market.

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2. New product characteristics or technical index requirements.

The smt patch processing plant needs to fully understand the actual product characteristics, and then output the key technical parameters according to the product characteristics. The weighting method can be used to output the equipment purchase parameter specification table. The expert survey weight method is a more scientific and reasonable method. According to the basic principles of the "Delphi method", experts in all aspects of the enterprise are selected, and the weights selected by independent forms are selected, and then the weights selected by them are sorted and analyzed. Statistical analysis, and finally determine the weight of each factor and index. It gathers the wisdom and opinions of experts in various fields, and uses mathematical statistics to test and modify. Selection of the weight coefficient: select experts from various aspects of the enterprise, vote on the purchase indicators of the equipment, and select the final weight. Companies can increase or decrease index items according to actual needs.

3. Selection of equipment performance evaluation.

After having the above weighting coefficients, perform actual evaluation and comparison according to the equipment performance of each supplier to choose the equipment that suits you. The results are derived from the weighting factor and the specifications and models of the equipment. Buyers can directly evaluate and compare choices by converting each performance into a score relationship.

4. Calculation method of equipment ROI.

Mainly used in some stations and workshops that use more manual operations. The characteristic components of the product have large specifications, and there are many types of incoming materials. The traditional smt placement machine cannot correspond to it, and manual work is required for the time being. Before the smt patch processing plant introduces automation equipment, it is expected to make an optimized plan for manpower reduction, and there is a quantitative data. A more objective investment benefit ratio can be calculated through the ratio of equipment price and speed to the input cost of manpower. Different customers consider different positions and can also be calculated according to the actual situation.

Second, purchase summary

For the purchase of smt equipment, choosing equipment suitable for product characteristics is more important than the comparison between the performance of the equipment itself, especially in this period of rapid iteration and update, instead of spending a lot of money to buy some unseen performance And function, it is better to be pragmatic and invest in performance that can produce actual benefits, so that it can give full play to the maximum performance and produce the greatest benefit in the short term. It is a wiser way to measure (product) and tailor (choose equipment) when purchasing.