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Management of smt placement equipment
Management of smt placement equipment

Management of smt placement equipment


1. The benefit must start from management

Among the smt equipment, the placement machine is recognized as the most complex equipment. With the rapid development of assembly technology, its complexity will continue to increase. At the same time, the cost of the placement machine accounts for the entire smt placement process. A considerable proportion, the placement process has a great impact on the efficiency of the entire production line, so the importance of giving full play to the benefits of the placement machine is becoming more and more noticeable.

Exerting the benefits of the placement machine requires many aspects of work, of which the decisive role is the placement machine management. No matter how advanced the placement machine purchased, its effectiveness and production performance will ultimately be created by people and guaranteed by management. Some problems, for example, the suction nozzle failure of the placement machine leads to a decrease in the placement rate. At first glance, it is a technical problem, but it is not difficult to find after in-depth discussion. In fact, they are all management problems. The editor of Zhongyan Electronics can affirm that management is the key factor to bring out benefits after the equipment enters the factory. Benefits must start with management.

2. The basis of placement equipment management-personnel quality management

The smt enterprise must establish a quality improvement and training system and a job responsibility system for all production and technical personnel, from equipment engineers, field technicians, production line lengths to placement machine responsible operators, and build the foundation of enterprise equipment management. The technical and humanistic qualities of the employees are the essence of the equipment efficiency, and the perfect incentive mechanism and management system are the guarantee of the equipment efficiency.

For smt enterprises with a certain scale, full-time personnel for placement machines should be established, and the requirements for these personnel should be the same as those for design and process technicians; in addition, a strict post responsibility system is implemented, and the responsibility is personal, and it is also an effective equipment personnel. Management method.

3. Guarantee of placement equipment management-strict management system

The placement machine is a key equipment for smt production, and a strict management system is the guarantee for the integrity and effectiveness of the equipment. There are many types of equipment management systems, among which on-site management is the most important system. Persons, machines, and responsibilities are assigned during on-site operations; the original data is counted according to shifts and production cycles, for example, fill in the "Mounting Machine Operation Data Sheet" and draw "SMT machine operation status diagram", monitor the operation status of the mounter at any time, report to relevant departments in time; in addition, the maintenance department regularly checks the status of the mounter, fills in the "mounter operation status report", etc., which are effective for many companies. Management system.

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4. Maintenance and management of placement machine

There are many ways of maintenance, and the right and appropriate choice can bring us higher benefits. For example, the life management of components can be based on usage time, usage times, usage (that is, performance) or production status (that is, when there is spare time to replace), etc.; when replacing a component, it is also possible to wait for one to be replaced. Or replace all similar parts at the same time when one piece fails. How to choose depends on overall considerations such as the cost of spare parts, the cost of replacing the spare parts (including downtime loss), the utilization rate of the equipment, and the familiarity of the technicians with the parts. In short, companies must master this knowledge in order to make good use of them to achieve the highest benefits.

Research in recent years has shown that with the application of new materials and new processes, the reliability of equipment is increasing day by day, and the invisible wear of equipment is accelerating day by day. The failure rate curve of more than 60% equipment has only an initial failure period, but no lossy failure period. Blind regular overhaul will introduce a new initial failure period and increase the equipment failure rate. Due to the different motions, different loads, and different working environments of different components, the abrasion, aging, and damage are different. Partial repairs, that is, minor repairs, intermediate repairs, assembly or component repairs are more economical and reasonable.

5. Management of spare parts

The management of spare parts includes a deep benefit management principle, and effective management methods can reduce inventory costs without causing emergency shortages. For example, reasonable classification of spare parts, redundant storage of key spare parts, normal storage of general spare parts, and shortage of unimportant spare parts. According to the actual operation of smt patch proofing or processing and production, and the actual operation of the placement machine, the equipment, components and parts are classified according to "criticality", from AAA to CCC, according to the degree of criticality and priority Carry out redundant inventory, general inventory, shortable inventory and spare parts inventory management with only information but not stored parts.