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smt placement machine programming and pcba labor and materials
smt placement machine programming and pcba labor and materials

smt placement machine programming and pcba labor and materials


The placement machine program consists of a large amount of information. Before programming the placement machine, in addition to the inherent parameters of the machine, it is generally necessary to prepare the following basic raw materials.

1. The coordinate data of the component

The coordinate data of the component refers to the coordinate position of the component on the circuit board, that is, the x, y coordinates of the component and the mounting angle of the component. The coordinate data provided by a share also includes the coordinate data of the reference point, the position number of the component, and the package Information etc. The design department of smt patch proofing manufacturers widely uses computer-aided design and manufacturing software (CAD/CAM) to design circuit boards, and most of the feature data required for placement machine programming can be obtained from the relevant data files of the CAD/CAM system. In general, CAD/CAM systems can directly output text files about component coordinate data.

2. Component list and component information

The component list is also called the bill of materials (BOM), which includes the material code of the component, the type and description of the material, the packaging standard, the tag number of the component, and the amount of this material in the product. Programmers can know the code, number and quantity of various components through BOM. The component information includes the characteristics of the material and the packaging of the material. The characteristics of the material, such as the length, width, thickness of the component, and the spacing and length of the pins, are used for the establishment of the component database during programming. In addition, the programmer also needs to know the packaging of the material to select the appropriate feeder for the material and determine the appropriate angle for the material in the feeder list.

pcb board

3. Circuit board information

The information of the circuit board can provide programmers with 3 aspects of information:

1) The size of the circuit board and how to join the board;

2) The package information of the component-for individual components that cannot be fully represented in CAD and B0M, the component database can be edited through the component's land pattern;

3) The actual smt mounting angle of the component-the information of the circuit board can be an empty board without components, or the electronic graphics of the circuit board can be obtained from the electronic file of the circuit board.

Precautions for pcba contract labor and material procurement process

The matters needing attention in the procurement process mainly include the setting of lead time, the limitation of procurement quantity, and the improvement of the order modification system. The editor of Zhongyan Electronics will explain and introduce them below.

1. Calculation of demand date

Calculate the required date based on the relevant lead time. Production lead time includes input lead time and production lead time, which mainly refers to the number of days that the input and output date of each process stage of a batch of products (from blanks, parts, products, etc.) are ahead of the finished product output date.

This date is unclear and accurate, and it is directly related to the efficiency of the company's purchase operations. We can imagine that for some companies with complex raw materials, any production order will involve dozens of materials, or even hundreds. At the same time, according to the different material feeding time and the different demand dates of each material, pcba contract labor and material companies must especially do a good job of calculating the demand date.

In fact, whether the lead time setting is reasonable or not is directly related to whether the time in the material requirement plan is accurate. Therefore, when implementing the procurement process, the lead time and demand date must be calculated.

2. Factors affecting the quantity of demand

We often see such a phenomenon in procurement, the requisition quantity of the demanding department is always inconsistent with the final purchase quantity. There are also some unspoken rules in the procurement industry, such as restrictions on the minimum purchase quantity or the purchase packaging quantity. This is one of the factors that affect the number of purchases. If the company does not handle it properly, the procurement will not only fail to reduce costs, but it will also bring huge economic losses to the company.

3. The benefits of direct review of purchase orders

In order to keep the historical change record of the purchase order, the company can set the purchase order to be automatically reviewed. When the requisition is converted to a purchase order, the generated purchase order is automatically reviewed, and the purchasing user cannot directly make changes on the purchase order.

If the purchaser needs to change the relevant data, he must implement the change of the purchase order through methods such as purchase order change order or case closure. In other words, any changes to the purchase order will leave a historical record. These records will bring huge benefits to the company's future query and tracking.