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SMT production line configuration and chip silver plating
SMT production line configuration and chip silver plating

SMT production line configuration and chip silver plating


The configuration of the SMT patch processing production line determines the type of factory

High-speed machines only do SMT: Nowadays, many consumer electronics have small size, few plug-in materials, and a large number of general consumer products, so a lot of patches are needed. If a factory is equipped with high-speed machines and only produces SMT, consumption is unavoidable.

Parallel high-speed chip machine:

After SMT placement processing is connected to other placement machines with high-speed machines: the advantages of this device are high efficiency per unit time, and the configuration of front-end placement inspection equipment and back-end AOI quality inspection equipment in the back-end process is not paid attention to. It is generally a batch factory. The AOI of smt patch is produced at multiple points. The configuration of front-end patch inspection equipment and back-end AOI quality inspection equipment in the back-end process is not paid attention to. It is generally a batch factory, and the AOI of this equipment is mostly carried out in unit time.

Full inspection and auxiliary equipment:

SMT must not only produce, but also test equipment and auxiliary equipment. Automobiles, aerospace and other products have very high requirements for product quality and stability, and the inspection equipment is relatively complete. For example, the company's testing equipment and auxiliary equipment are very good, and their quality and technology are also very good.

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Reasons for using SMT chips to process printed boards with silver plating

When the manufacturers promote their products, they mentioned that their products use gold-plating, silver-plating and other processes. So, what are the benefits of this technology?

If soldering parts are required on the surface of the circuit board, the copper sheet needs to be exposed to the outside for soldering. The exposed copper layer is called a pad, and its area is generally rectangular or round with a small area.

It is known that copper used in PCBs is easily oxidized. If the copper sheet is oxidized, not only is it difficult to weld, but the resistance is greatly increased, which seriously affects the performance of the product. Therefore, engineers should protect the pads as much as possible. For example, the inert metal layer is chemically covered with silver, and a chemical film is used to cover the copper layer to prevent the pads from contacting the air. Nantong SMT patch processing.

The circuit board is exposed, and the copper layer is directly exposed. This part needs to be protected from oxidation.

Therefore, regardless of gold or silver, the purpose of the technology itself is to prevent oxidation, protect the pads, and improve the product yield during the next soldering.

However, contact between different metals requires the storage time and storage conditions of the PCB manufacturer. Therefore, the printed circuit board factory usually uses a vacuum plastic sealing machine to package the printed substrate before the printed circuit board production is completed, so as to avoid oxidation of the printed circuit board.

The welding machine manufacturer checks the oxidation degree of the printed circuit board before welding, and removes the oxidation printed circuit board to ensure good production. The card purchased by the customer has passed various checks. Oxidation after long-term use almost only occurs at the plug connection, and does not affect the pads and soldered parts.

When using PCB, will it reduce the heat generation of PCB due to the low heat resistance of silver and gold?

It is known that electrical resistance is an influencing factor of heat. The resistance value is the material of the conductor itself, the cross section and length of the conductor. The metal thickness of the PCB pad surface is much less than 0.01 mm, and the pad treated with the protective film will not produce additional thickness. Such a small thickness shows a resistance almost equal to 0, which cannot be calculated, and of course it will not affect the calorific value.