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Ways to realize the flexibility of smt placement machine
Ways to realize the flexibility of smt placement machine

Ways to realize the flexibility of smt placement machine


At present, the newly introduced flexible smt placement machine, the way to achieve flexibility is mainly through the combination of equipment structure and the replacement of parts. Next, let's explain it in detail.

1. The flexibility of the placement machine structure

1. Combination of arch type and turret type: This flexible consideration is the idea of "optimal combination", which integrates the multi-function and high precision of the arch type placement machine with the high speed advantages of the turret type placement machine A placement machine is equipped with a vertically rotating multi-nozzle placement head on the arch frame, from single arch frame single head, single arch frame double head to double arch frame, 4-arch frame multi-head structure combination, and these The placement head can have different changes according to the type of smt placement components, as well as the rapid replacement of the placement head and other technologies to achieve flexible functions.

2. Modular platform structure: The modular platform adopts a building block structure and uses a series of small individual placement units to form a highly flexible placement platform. Each unit has its own mechanical transmission and positioning system, installed with a camera and placement head,

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each placement unit has a certain number of feeders, a part of the PCB is mounted, and the PCB is stepped inside the machine at a set speed In advance, multiple placement units jointly complete the placement task. This method is similar to a traditional manual assembly line. Everyone assembles a part of the circuit board at a fixed position, and the PCB circuit board is assembled in turn on the conveyor belt.

There are several modes for concrete realization of the modular platform structure:

1) The structure of the sub-machine

It consists of a control host and several functional modules. The functional modules are designed for the mounting requirements of different types of components, and various components can be mounted with different accuracy and speed. By configuring different numbers of functional modules for the control host, the smt placement processing plant can flexibly adjust the production capacity of the placement machine and improve the utilization rate of the equipment. This form is the first modular placement machine introduced by various manufacturers, and it is also the mainstream modular placement machine currently in the market.

2) Modular structure

Modular placement machine is a modular placement machine that has entered the market in recent years. This type of placement machine breaks through the mode of modularization of functional components and extends the modular design to the entire placement platform. The placement machine is in the form of a module. To design. Each patch module itself is an independent and complete small placement machine system; different patch modules can be connected and combined through common interfaces (including mechanical and electrical), installed on the same modular base, and passed The main control system realizes distributed control and constitutes a highly flexible placement system. This structure is currently a flexible structure favored by smt patch proofing manufacturers and has great potential for development.

3) Cellular machine structure

The difference between the cellular machine structure and the modular structure is that each "cell" machine is an independent small placement machine including the base. The cell machines are connected through a unified interface to achieve production capacity and placement types. Any combination of. The basic point of this kind of flexibility is "smashing into parts", which is another way of thinking about flexibility. Currently, there are relatively few manufacturers and models that provide this kind of product.

Second, the placement head is flexible

The placement head is a key component of the placement machine and the key to achieving flexibility. The latest placement head can be used for the placement of a variety of components. It has an adaptive function, a more flexible and more accurate placement head, which can shorten the conversion time and meet the needs of high-speed and changeable production.

The following are the main technologies used by the flexible placement head:

1. Automatically adapt to changes in component thickness, size, etc.;

2. Automatically adapt to changes in the feeder;

3. The placement head movement adopts a patented linear motor, which is stable in a short time and ensures the placement speed;

4. A variety of nozzle groups that can be replaced automatically;

5. The learning function of special cameras and automatic feeders for picking and positioning of small components 0201 and 01005;

6. The use of special valves for quick switching speeds up the speed of the vacuum device when picking up components and component placement;

7. Two cameras with the best matching field of view and resolution are used for components of different sizes and requirements, with high-speed image recognition software and appropriate high-speed data transmission technology to achieve high-speed and high-precision image processing;

8. Modular spindle can be quickly replaced, offline repair and maintenance, realizing the uninterrupted production of the machine.

3. Flexibility of other parts

1. Feeder system-large material level, intelligent feeder and feeder car that can be quickly changed;

2. PCB support mechanism that can be adjusted quickly;

3. The machine has the function of automatic detection and correction.