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Affect smt placement efficiency and placement quality
Affect smt placement efficiency and placement quality

Affect smt placement efficiency and placement quality


It is simply divided into equipment inherent factors (equipment design and manufacturing aspects), equipment use factors (customer application aspects) and communication factors (between equipment manufacturers and customers).

Inherent factors refer to the factors that are directly related to the design performance of the equipment itself and are restricted by the characteristics of the equipment itself, including the placement machine parameters announced by the equipment manufacturer and the production line capacity optimization management software package designed by each manufacturer (optional) ).

Equipment use factors mainly refer to the equipment user’s cognition of the equipment and the configuration and management of the production line, including the configuration and management of production personnel and the management of production equipment.

The communication factor mainly refers to the fact that when the equipment user is faced with a new product or new process challenge, it should promptly feedback information to the equipment manufacturer, in order to obtain timely support from the equipment manufacturer, so as to shorten his own learning time and cost; at the same time, it is also necessary Equipment manufacturers timely understand the latest needs of the market from the equipment users, and use it to guide the design (improvement) direction of the equipment, so as to help them win customers and provide opportunities for occupying new markets.

To improve the smt placement efficiency and placement quality, the above three relationships must be resolved. The inherent factors are the equipment suppliers need to face.

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Here we focus on the discussion of the use factors, and finally share with a simple case 2 A model for the successful application of these factors.

Next, we will briefly introduce them one by one.

1. Understanding of new products and equipment capabilities

1. New product process requirements

For simple circuit board assembly (standard components), most SMT equipment users can solve it by themselves. With the miniaturization trend of devices and the singular packaging of special devices, most SMT equipment users will encounter some new products. This requires smt patch manufacturers to invest manpower and material resources to conduct tests such as process reliability experiments and productivity evaluations, so as to ensure product quality in actual smt patch proofing or processing and production, while increasing productivity and reducing costs as much as possible.

2. Equipment capabilities

2. The impact of the configuration and management of production line equipment (hardware)

The correct placement group line configuration includes the correct hardware configuration and software configuration (intelligent software management system). It needs to be emphasized that the user of placement equipment should strengthen communication with different placement equipment manufacturers in order to obtain high The cost-effective wiring configuration can reserve some space for your own development while meeting your current needs.

The following is a description of the configuration related to the feeder. There are two main aspects. Take the product of Universal Instruments as an example.

1. Use integral movable feeding station

In production, it is assumed that the placement equipment is running smoothly. For the occasions where the placement is mainly reel, in order to further improve placement efficiency, it is necessary to consider shortening the feeder refueling time. Major equipment manufacturers mainly focus on The following two aspects.

1) Avoid taking out the feeder when changing the material, so use the method of bonding or crimping the coil packaging tape to shorten the changing time.

2) The use of an integral movable feeding station to pre-load the required feeders can greatly shorten the refueling time. At present, major equipment manufacturers have corresponding products.

2. Properly configure the feeder

1) Now more and more smt manufacturers provide dual-channel feeders to support the placement of small components of 0402 and below, which is equivalent to doubling the number of material stations, reducing the number of material changes and the movement of the placement head Distance, thereby improving production efficiency.

2) For foundry manufacturers who need to mount a large number of chips (such as computer memory sticks) and need to use special-shaped thin-walled parts, they should use direct-feeding feeders to increase output and production efficiency, such as attaching mobile phone shielding covers. Due to the irregularity of the shielding cover, smt foundry manufacturers cannot use standard JEDEC trays. At the same time, due to the high cost of producing special trays, more and more foundry manufacturers adopt low-cost packaging. Immediately use vacuum suction plastic tray packaging. In this case, the use of a standard IC supply table cannot meet the needs of production. At this time, a tray feeder is required.