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About SMT placement machine performance and materials
About SMT placement machine performance and materials

About SMT placement machine performance and materials


Now the industry is developing very fast, and there are also a dazzling array of SMT placement machines on the market. At present, the imported SMT placement machine has been gradually replaced by the SMT domestic placement machine. Although some people still have doubts about the SMT domestic placement machine, the SMT domestic placement machine has many features that make it popular, such as accuracy. , Stability, durability, high speed and easy maintenance.

Accuracy: At present, more and more SMT products are power integration, that is, the driving power is no longer separated from the lamp beads but integrated on the same circuit board. The driving power has IC, capacitors, resistors, diodes and other electronic components. These components require relatively high precision, and a set of visual recognition system is needed to process the absorbed components into the required mounting angles through image recognition. The placement machine with visual image correction function is commonly known as the visual recognition placement machine, which can greatly guarantee the placement accuracy.

Stability: The stability of the placement machine is not only based on the hardware configuration, but the function of the software and the cooperation between the software and hardware are particularly important. Without the core software technology, the hardware is also to deal with, just want to exchange the market share with the reserve price, this kind of placement machine is absolutely not to buy.

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One-time buyout software cannot be upgraded, there are loopholes and may conflict with its own supporting hardware and cause accidents. The hardware is too bad, and it is easy to burn out, wear and break under the high-speed operation of the SMT patch industry for 24 hours.

Durability: At present, a domestic SMT placement machine on the market ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Why is there such a big difference in price? It depends on the hardware configuration. The core parts of the good placement machine are used Imported brand-name motors, screw rods and guide rails, and even cables are world-class, and some manufacturers use domestic OEM motors, impurity screw rods, miscellaneous brand guide rails, and the screw rods and guide rails are very thin. This placement machine Not durable.

High speed: The market competition is fierce, and the price of SMT patch is increasingly low, which requires an increase in patch speed. For example, the patch machine used in one factory can paste 15000CPH in an hour, while the patch used in another factory can paste 25000CPH in an hour. The cost of space, labor, management, etc. used by the two factories are the same. Obviously, the latter has much greater benefits, and the former will definitely be eliminated in market competition.

Easy to maintain: Imported second-hand machines have been used for decades, and they are all eliminated by others. The structure is complicated, the parts are aging, and the replacement frequency and cost are very high. Because the software is in foreign languages, the requirements for operators are relatively high. It is more difficult to find an operator. SMT domestic placement machine, full Chinese operation interface, easy to understand and easy to learn, operator manufacturers to help train, new parts of the machine brand new, simple structure, easy maintenance, low power consumption, and fast mounting speed.

There are two main types of patch materials in patch processing. One is organic patch materials represented by metal-based patches; the other is inorganic patch materials represented by ceramic patches and porcelain shaft-coated copper patches. . Metal patch: use 0.3mm-2.0mm thick metal plate, such as aluminum plate, steel plate, copper plate, epoxy prepreg and copper foil.

The metal plate can realize large-area patch processing, and has the following performance characteristics:

1. Good mechanical properties: metal-based patches have high mechanical strength and toughness, better than rigid material patches, can be used for large-area patch processing, and can undertake the installation of overweight components. In addition, metal-based patches The sheet also has high dimensional stability and flatness.

2. Good heat dissipation performance: Since the metal patch is in direct contact with the prepreg, it has excellent heat dissipation performance. The metal patch is used for patch processing. The metal patch can play a role in heat dissipation during SMT processing. The heat dissipation capacity depends on SMT. The material and thickness of the metal patch and the thickness of the resin layer. Of course, while considering heat dissipation performance, electrical performance, such as electrical strength, etc., should also be considered.

3. Capable of shielding electromagnetic waves: In high-frequency electronic circuits, preventing the radiation of electromagnetic waves has always been a matter of concern to designers. The use of metal-based patches can act as a shielding plate and play a role in shielding electromagnetic waves.