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SMT's complex process and measures to improve quality
SMT's complex process and measures to improve quality

SMT's complex process and measures to improve quality


The complex process of SMT patch processing

The process of SMT patch processing is very complicated, so many people have seen this business opportunity. After learning smt patch processing technology, they opened a factory. SMT patch processing has already created a large-scale industry, and many require craftsmanship. Fine units will choose SMT patch processing plants in Shenzhen for processing. So what are the precautions for SMT chip processing?

When SMT patch processing, you must pay attention to electrostatic discharge measures. It mainly includes the design of SMT patch and the re-established standards, and in order to be sensitive to electrostatic discharge during SMT patch processing, corresponding treatment and protection are carried out. Measures are very critical. If these standards are not clear, you can refer to the relevant documents to learn.

SMT chip processing must fully comply with the above evaluation standards of welding technology. When welding, ordinary welding and manual welding are usually used, and the welding technology that needs to be used when processing SMT chip As well as standards, you can refer to the welding technology evaluation manual. Of course, some high-tech SMT patch processing plants also carry out 3D construction of the products that need to be processed, so that the effect after processing will reach the standard, and its appearance will be more perfect.

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After the SMT chip processing and welding technology is the cleaning measure, the cleaning must be strictly in accordance with the standard, otherwise the safety after the SMT chip processing will not be guaranteed. Therefore, the type and nature of the cleaning agent are required when cleaning, and the integrity and safety of the equipment and process need to be considered during the cleaning process.

Five measures to improve the quality of SMT patch processing

First: Establish a total quality (TQC) organization network within the company to provide timely and accurate quality feedback to select the best quality inspectors for the production line, and the administration is still under the management of the quality department, so as to avoid other factors from determining quality Interference from work.

Second: to ensure that the inspection and maintenance of accurate product inspection and maintenance equipment are implemented through necessary equipment and instruments, such as multimeters, anti-static wrists, soldering irons, ICT, and so on. Therefore, the quality of the instrument itself will directly affect the production quality. It is necessary to send inspection and measurement in time according to regulations to ensure the reliability of the instrument.

Third: The setting of quality process control points to achieve "zero defect" production is unrealistic, but the implementation of the "zero defect" production goal in the entire plant can greatly improve the quality awareness of the entire plant's employees, and solve the problem of production in a timely and standardized manner. Abnormal quality provides a steady stream of power. In order to ensure the normal progress of SMT processing, the quality inspection of each process must be strengthened to monitor its operating status. Therefore, it is particularly important to set up quality control points after some key processes, so that quality problems in the previous process can be found and corrected in time to prevent unqualified products from entering the next process.

Fourth: The Quality Department should formulate necessary quality-related rules and regulations and the department’s work responsibility system. Use laws and regulations to restrict human avoidable quality accidents. The rewards and punishments are clearly defined, and the quality assessment is carried out by economic means. A monthly quality award is set up within the enterprise. .

Fifth: Implementation of Management Measures In order to carry out effective quality management, in addition to strictly controlling the SMT production quality process, we also adopt the sampling inspection of components or subcontracted parts after entering the factory, before entering the warehouse ( (Or full inspection), if the qualified rate is found to be below the requirements of the national standard, the goods should be returned, and the inspection results should be recorded in writing.