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The necessity of PCBA cleaning and smt plug-in processing
The necessity of PCBA cleaning and smt plug-in processing

The necessity of PCBA cleaning and smt plug-in processing


Every PCBA in a PCBA processing plant must be cleaned, because PCBA cleaning can greatly improve the performance and quality of the circuit board. If the PCBA is not cleaned, it will affect the reliability of the product.

1. Appearance and electrical performance requirements

The most intuitive impact of PCBA pollution in PCBA processing plants is the appearance of PCBA. If it is placed or used in a high-temperature and high-humidity environment, the residue may absorb moisture and turn white.

Due to the widespread use of lead-free chips, miniature BGA, chip scale packaging (CSP) and 01005 in components, the distance between the component and the circuit board is reduced, the size is reduced, and the assembly density is increased. If halides are hidden under components that cannot be cleaned, local cleaning may have catastrophic consequences due to the release of halides.

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2. The demand for three anti-paint coatings

Before the surface coating of PCBA in PCBA processing plants, the resin residues that have not been removed will cause delamination or cracking of the protective layer; the active agent residues may cause electrochemical migration under the coating, which will lead to the failure of the coating's anti-cracking protection. Studies have shown that cleaning can increase the adhesion rate of the coating by 50%.

3. No-cleaning also needs cleaning

According to the current standard, the term "no-clean" means that the residue on the circuit board is safe from a chemical point of view, will not have any impact on the circuit board production line, and can be left on the circuit board. Corrosion, SIR, electromigration and other special detection methods are mainly used to determine the halogen/halide content, and then determine the safety of the no-clean components after the assembly is completed.

However, even if the PCBA factory has a low solid content no-clean flux, there will still be more or less residues. For products with high reliability requirements, no residues or contaminants are allowed on the circuit board. For military applications, even electronic components need to be cleaned.

Advantages of SMD plug-in processing

SMT chip plug-in processing has the advantages of high reliability and low solder joint defect rate, which can reduce external interference to the circuit board, which is a very beneficial link to realize automation and increase production. At the same time, it can also save manpower, and the saved production requires a lot of resources.

Now, no matter what you do, you need efficiency. SMT patch plug-in processing can save human resources and improve efficiency. This technology will definitely be accepted by this industry, and science and technology are developing rapidly. No matter what industry, if it cannot adapt well to the environment, it will be eliminated, and only when it is good enough will it be left behind.

Electronic products are getting smaller and smaller, and some of the patch plug-ins we used before cannot be reduced. Now the functions of this product will be more complete. Traditional circuits can't meet these requirements. Using SMT chip plug-in processing method can produce a large number of products. The entire production is automated, which can reduce costs, have good quality, meet market needs, and improve market competitiveness.

The use of SMT chip plug-in processing technology can meet the chip plug-in processing of various electronic components. Many electrical appliances are manufactured in this way, and the whole process is relatively simple. Professional SMD processing is mainly used for insulating materials of some large integrated circuits and semiconductors.

Its density is relatively high and its mass is relatively small. Its total volume and weight account for about 0.1, which is traditionally common. Its volume is reduced by about half and its weight is reduced by about 60%. Its reliability is quite high, and has a certain anti-vibration ability. Using these characteristics, electromagnetic and radiation interference can be reduced, and the utilization rate of raw materials can be greatly improved.

And it can reduce energy, reduce the frequency of equipment use, reduce the time of manual work, and greatly improve work efficiency. Therefore, many coastal areas use this professional patch processing technology, and electronic processing has been vigorously developed. After this technology is put into production, only a small amount of manpower can be used to complete complex tasks, which is an important step in electronic production.