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Testing tools and red glue process used in SMT
Testing tools and red glue process used in SMT

Testing tools and red glue process used in SMT


SMT patch processing has strict requirements for operators and is a relatively complicated process. Even if you are an experienced technician, you may make mistakes. Under such circumstances, we need to constantly use relevant tools and equipment to detect; then which equipment can be used, and in which link can these equipment be used; today we will share the SMT patch processing will be used Which testing tools.

1. MVI detection method. In fact, this is a detection method that completely relies on experience, which requires relatively high requirements for technical personnel, which is often said to be manual visual inspection, and some technical problems can also be seen with the eyes.

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2. AOI detection method. This detection method is mainly used in the production line, and it can be used in many places in the production line. Of course, the detection is mainly used for the operation of various defects.

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We can put the equipment in the place where the defects are prone to occur early, so that the AOI can be used to find and deal with the problems in time. If some parts are missing or there are redundant related parts, then they need to be cleaned up in time.

3. X-RAY detection. This kind of detection detects the problems that are prone to occur on the electric board. In SMT patch processing, the solder joints on many circuits require very high technical personnel. For example, solder joints that are not clearly visible to the naked eye, or solder joints that are prone to problems, then we can use BGA to solve them. . Voids or inconsistencies in the size of the solder joints are likely to occur after soldering, and these require later inspections to solve them. Of course, some ICT auxiliary testing equipment may be used later.

Red glue process and processing flow of STM patch processing

In STM patch processing, the red glue process is a basic processing technology often used in PCBA proofing. Many SMT patch processing production processes will use this processing technology. Red glue is actually a red or yellow white. The adhesive is a mixture of hardeners, pigments, solvents and other materials.

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The red glue process of SMD processing is to use the characteristic of red glue to be cured by heat. It is filled in the middle of the two pads through a printing machine or a dispenser, and then solidified and soldered through patch and reflow soldering. Finally, the surface is through wave soldering. The mounting side passes the wave crest, and the soldering process is completed without a jig. The processing flow of OEM materials and the role of red glue.

1. The processing flow of red glue

1. Ordering Customers choose patch processing plants to place orders according to their actual needs, provide the required processing requirements, and manufacturers and put forward specific requirements.

2. Provide information After deciding to place an order, the customer will provide a series of documents and lists to the placement processing factory, such as PCB electronic documents, coordinate files and BOM lists required for production.

Three, purchase raw materials one-stop PCBA processing manufacturers purchase relevant raw materials from designated suppliers according to the BOM information provided by the customer.

4. Incoming Material Inspection Carry out strict quality inspection on all raw materials to be used to ensure that they are put into production after they are qualified.

5. PCBA processing is processed in strict accordance with electronic processing standards.

6. Testing PCBA processing plants conduct strict product testing, and the PCB boards that pass the test are delivered to customers.

Seven, packaging and shipping After the PCBA processing is completed, the product is packaged and then delivered to the customer to complete the entire PCBA processing work.

2. The role of red glue:

1. The use of red glue in the wave soldering process of electronic processing can prevent the components from falling during transmission.

2. Prevent the back components of the double-sided SMT patch from falling off during the reflow soldering process.

3. Prevent displacement and stand-up during mounting during reflow soldering process and pre-coating process.