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SMT placement machine operation and characteristics
SMT placement machine operation and characteristics

SMT placement machine operation and characteristics


Surface mount technology, referred to as SMT. As a new generation of electronic assembly technology has penetrated into various fields, SMT products have the advantages of compact structure, small size, vibration resistance, and high production efficiency. SMT has occupied a leading position in the circuit board assembly process. The main equipment of the SMT assembly line: printing machine, placement machine, reflow soldering and so on.

The placement machine is one of the key equipment of SMT equipment, because its efficient work efficiency and stable performance have brought great advantages to our production. Today, we will introduce the function of one of the main equipment of the SMT assembly line and the placement machine. Steps. It helps to step-by-step the daily operation of the placement machine, and provides users with the correct operation guide. Standardize user operating procedures and actions to ensure the safety and normal operation of machinery and equipment, and to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment. At the same time, accidents can be avoided, the service life of the equipment can be extended, and equipment failures can be reduced.

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1. The name and function of each component of the placement machine

    1. Host

    1.1 Main Power Switch: Turn on or turn off the power of the host

    1.2 Vision Monitor: Displays the recognition of images or components and marks obtained by moving the lens.

    1.3 Operation Monitor: Display the VIOS software screen of the machine operation. If there is an error or problem during the operation, the correction information will also be displayed on this screen.

    1.4 Warning Lamp: Indicate the operating conditions of the placement machine in green, yellow and red.

    Green: The machine is in automatic operation

    Yellow: Error (return to origin cannot be executed, picking error, identification failure, etc.) or interlocking occurs.

    Red: The machine is in emergency stop state (when the machine or YPU stop button is pressed).

    1.5 Emergency Stop Button: Press this button to immediately trigger an emergency stop.

    2. Head Assembly

    Working head assembly: move in the XY direction (or X direction), pick up parts from the feeder and mount on the PCB.

The basic characteristics of SMT patch processing

SMT patch processing is a complex, high-tech and high-precision machine that requires a constant temperature, constant humidity and clean environment. Must strictly follow the requirements of equipment regulations, adhere to daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annual maintenance measures, and do a good job of daily maintenance. SMT patch processing operators should receive certain labor management expertise and technical training. Strictly follow the operating procedures of the machine. Operation of malfunctioning equipment is not allowed. If any fault is found, it should be shut down in time and reported to the technical person in charge or equipment maintenance personnel, and it should be cleared before use.

The size and volume of chip components used in SMT patch processing are much smaller than traditional plug-ins, which can generally be reduced by 60% to 70%, and can also be reduced by 90%. The weight is reduced by 60%-90%. This can meet the development needs of miniaturization of electronic products

. SMT chip processing components are usually leadless or short leads, which reduces the distribution parameters of the circuit, thereby reducing radio frequency interference.

Generally speaking, electronic products processed by SMD are designed by printed circuit boards plus various electronic components such as capacitors and resistors in accordance with the designed circuit diagrams. Therefore, various electrical appliances need various SMD processing technologies to process. There should be no food or drink in the patch processing work area, smoking is strictly prohibited, and sundries related to work should not be placed and kept tidy. Parts and products sensitive to SMT chip processing technology must be marked correctly to avoid confusion with other parts. Check the patch processing transmission line to make sure it is working properly.