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SMT placement machine life and structural components
SMT placement machine life and structural components

SMT placement machine life and structural components


The SMT placement machine is in the SMT production line. It is configured after the dispenser or the solder paste printer. It is a device that accurately places the surface mount components on the PCB pads by moving the placement head. The SMT placement machine is the most core production equipment in the SMT process. At the same time, the SMT placement machine is generally more expensive. If it fails or the service life is reduced, the cost of the SMT placement manufacturer will be greater.

1. Strengthen the daily maintenance of SMT placement machine

The SMT placement machine is a very complex, high-tech and high-precision machine, which requires a constant temperature, humidity and a very clean environment. Daily maintenance must be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the equipment regulations and adhere to daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual, and yearly maintenance measures.

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SMT placement machine daily maintenance content

1. The technician will guide the operator to start the shutdown for daily maintenance 10 minutes before work every day.

2. Use a clean white cloth to clean the dust on the surface of the machine, including the surface of the body, monitor, keyboard, mouse, buttons, switches, etc., if necessary, wipe the surface of the machine with a rag dipped in soapy water, and it must be wrung out without dripping water. It is not allowed to clean with alcohol or plate-washing water solvents.

3. Check whether the air pressure reaches the 0.5MPA air pressure value.

4. Check whether the PCB conveyor belt is running smoothly. Use PCB to test without card board.

5. Check whether each safety device is normal, including front and rear safety doors, FEEDER floating high SENSOR, and check the area SENSOR, whether it is normal, test the function of each SENSOR in the running and paused state, the display screen can display the SENSOR alarm status normally.

6. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the scattered components inside the machine.

7. Use lens paper to clean the dust on the LASER SENSOR VCS lens.

8. Warm up the machine and listen to whether there is any abnormality in the sound of the machine, and start production after no abnormality is seen.

SMT placement machine structural components

1. SMT placement machine host

1. Main power switch: turn on or off the power of the host

2. Visual display: display the recognition of images or components and marks obtained by moving the lens. 3. Operation display: Display the VIOS software screen for machine operation. If there is an error or problem during operation, correction information will also be displayed on this screen.

4. Warning light: Indicate the operating conditions of the placement machine in green, yellow and red.

Green: The machine is in automatic operation

Yellow: Error (return to origin cannot be executed, picking error, identification failure, etc.) or interlocking occurs.

Red: The machine is in emergency stop state (when the machine or YPU stop button is pressed).

5. Emergency stop button: Press this button to immediately trigger an emergency stop.

2. Working head assembly

1. Working head assembly: move in the XY direction (or X direction), pick up parts from the feeder and mount on the PCB.

2. Moving handle of the working head assembly: When the servo control is released, you can move it in each direction with your hand. This handle is usually used when moving the working head assembly by hand.

Third, the visual system

1. Moving lens: used to identify the mark or photo position or coordinate tracking on the PCB.

2. Independent vision lens: used to identify components, mainly those QPFs with pins.

3. Backlight component: When using an independent visual lens to identify, illuminate the component from the back.

4. Laser parts: The laser beam can be used to identify parts, mainly sheet parts.

5. Multi-view lens: It can identify multiple parts at once to speed up the recognition speed.

4. Feeding platform

The tape feeder, bulk feeder and tube feeder (multi-tube feeder) can be installed on the front or rear feeding platform of the placement machine.

Five, shaft structure

X axis: The moving head assembly is parallel to the PCB transfer direction.

Y axis: The moving head assembly is perpendicular to the PCB transfer direction.

Z axis: Control the height of the working head assembly.

R axis: Control the rotation of the nozzle axis of the working head assembly.

W axis: adjust the width of the transport rail.