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SMT development trend and lead components
SMT development trend and lead components

SMT development trend and lead components


1. The SMT patch production line is developing in the direction of "green" environmental protection

The earth on which people live today has been damaged to varying degrees. The SM T production line based on SMT equipment as a part of industrial production will, without exception, cause damage to our living environment. From packaging materials, glues, solders, fluxes and other SMT process materials for electronic components to the production process of SMT production lines, there are all kinds of pollution to the environment. The more SMT production lines, the larger the scale, the pollution The more serious it is. Therefore, the latest SMT production line is developing in the direction of a green production line (greed line). The concept of a green production line means that environmental protection requirements must be considered from the beginning of SMT production, and pollution sources and pollution sources that will appear in SMT production are analyzed. Degree of pollution.

2. The SMT patch production line is developing in the direction of high-efficiency connection

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High production efficiency has always been the goal that people are pursuing. The production efficiency of the SMT production line is reflected in the production efficiency and control efficiency of the tearing production line. Productivity efficiency is the comprehensive production of various equipment on the SMT production line. The production capacity comes from a reasonable configuration. The high-efficiency SM Ding production line has developed from single-line in-line production to dual-line in-line production, which improves production while reducing floor space. efficient. Control efficiency includes conversion and process control optimization and management optimization. The control method has evolved from step-by-step control to centralized online optimization control, and the conversion time of production boards is getting shorter and shorter.

3. The SMT patch production line is developing in the direction of a flexible production environment with information integration

With the development of computer information technology and Internet information technology, the product data management and process information control of the SMT production line will be gradually improved, the maintenance management of the production line will realize digital information, and the new SMT production line will move towards a flexible production environment with information integration. develop.

The difference between soldering SMT chip components and lead components

       SMT chip components are particularly small in size and light in weight, and chip components are easier to solder than lead components. SMD components also have a very important advantage, that is, to improve the stability and reliability of the circuit, which is to improve the success rate of production. This is because the SMD components have no leads, thereby reducing stray electric fields and stray magnetic fields, which is especially obvious in high-frequency analog circuits and high-speed digital circuits.

    The method of soldering SMT chip components is: put the components on the pads, and then apply the adjusted patch solder paste on the contact between the component pins and the pads (be careful not to apply too much to prevent short circuits), and then Use a 20W internally heated electric soldering iron to heat the connection between the pad and the SMT chip component (the temperature should be 220~230℃). When the solder is melted, the soldering iron can be removed, and the soldering is completed when the solder is solidified. After soldering, you can use tweezers to clamp a clip of the soldered patch component to see if there is any looseness. If there is no looseness (it should be very strong), it means that the soldering is good.

    SMT lead component soldering method: when starting to solder all the pins, solder should be added to the tip of the soldering iron, and all the pins should be coated with flux to keep the pins moist. Touch the end of each pin of the chip with the tip of a soldering iron until you see the solder flowing into the pin. When soldering, keep the tip of the soldering iron parallel to the soldered pin to prevent overlap due to excessive soldering.

    After all the pins are soldered, soak all the pins with flux to clean the solder. Suck off the excess solder where needed to eliminate any short circuits and overlaps. Finally, use tweezers to check whether there is any false soldering. After the inspection is completed, remove the flux from the PCB circuit board, soak the hard brush with alcohol and wipe it carefully along the pin direction until the flux disappears.