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AOI testing equipment and PCBA solder paste composition
AOI testing equipment and PCBA solder paste composition

AOI testing equipment and PCBA solder paste composition


The advantages of using AOI inspection equipment for SMT patch processing

As SMT (Surface Mount Technology) assembly becomes more and more precise, and efficiency requirements are getting higher and higher, manual visual inspection obviously can't meet the requirements of modern industry. Compared with manual visual inspection, AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection Instrument) has higher The stability, repeatability and higher accuracy of the product are widely used in electronics manufacturers.

The advantages of AOI in SMT patch processing:

1. Simple programming

AOI usually converts the TXT auxiliary text file automatically generated after the placement machine programming is completed into a file of the required format, from which the AOI obtains the five parameters of position number, component serial number, X coordinate, Y coordinate, and component rotation direction, and then The system will automatically generate the layout of the circuit, determine the location parameters of each component and the parameters to be tested. After completion, fine-tune the detection parameters of each component according to the process requirements.

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2. Easy to operate

Since AOI basically uses highly intelligent software, it does not require the operator to have rich professional knowledge to operate in the placement process.

3. High fault coverage

Due to the use of high-precision optical instruments and high-intelligence testing software, the usual AOI equipment can detect a variety of production defects, and the failure coverage rate can reach 80%.

4. Reduce production costs

Since AOI can be placed in front of the reflow oven to inspect the PCB, defects caused by various reasons can be found in time, instead of waiting for the PCB to pass the reflow oven before the inspection is carried out, which greatly reduces the production cost.

The use of AOI inspection equipment can reduce process defects, find and eliminate errors in the early assembly process to achieve good process control. Early detection of defects will prevent bad boards from being sent to the subsequent assembly stage. AOI will reduce repair costs and avoid scrapping. The repaired PCB circuit board appears.

PCBA processing solder paste ingredients used by SMT chip processing plants

The SMT patch process is an important part of the PCBA processing process. SMT processing is inseparable from the use of solder paste, which is one of the important raw materials in patch processing. The following Guangzhou SMT chip processing factory Chenri Electronics will introduce the solder paste ingredients for PCBA processing in detail.

Solder paste is a slurry or paste that is uniformly mixed with alloy solder powder and paste flux. Because the main metal component of most solder pastes is tin, solder paste is also called solder paste. Solder paste is an indispensable welding material in the chip processing technology, and is widely used in reflow soldering. The solder paste has a certain viscosity at room temperature, which can initially bond the electronic components to a predetermined position. At the soldering temperature, as the solvent and some additives volatilize, the soldered components will be interconnected to form a permanent connection.

At present, most of the coating solder paste adopts the SMT stencil stencil printing method, which has the advantages of simple operation, fast, accurate, and immediately available after production. But at the same time, there are disadvantages such as poor reliability of solder joints, easy to cause false soldering, waste of solder paste, and high cost.