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SMT—Drawer type and SMT equipment maintenance strategy
SMT—Drawer type and SMT equipment maintenance strategy

SMT—Drawer type and SMT equipment maintenance strategy


SMT (SMD) intelligent access data terminal-drawer type, What is called SMT (SMD) intelligent access data terminal-drawer type?

The intelligent access terminal includes a main cabinet mechanism, a central server for processing terminal data and information, and a secondary cabinet for storage elements. The main cabinet mechanism includes a main cabinet, an industrial control host set in the main cabinet, and its characteristics It lies in: the main cabinet mechanism also includes an operation display set on the main cabinet body for displaying operating information, the auxiliary cabinet includes a plurality of storage compartments for storing components, and is used to lock the storage compartments The lock body part and the locking device centralized for the lock body part to be placed, the storage compartment is located on both sides or one side of the main cabinet body, the lock body part is connected with the industrial control host, the The storage compartment is controlled on and off by the industrial control host.

pcb smt

Device parameters:

Access speed: 8~10s/cycle

Storage method: fully enclosed, temperature and humidity control

Networking function: can be connected with various systems to realize data exchange

Automatic function: one-to-one storage in units of cargo space

Static elimination: equipped with negative ion fan and anti-static cargo box

Data function: online inventory, real-time statistics, material shortage warning function, data analysis, report generation, recommended solutions

Networking function: it can be connected with various systems to realize data exchange and achieve digital management

The main parameters

Software system: intelligent storage management system

Access speed: 8-12s/cycle

Loading capacity: 25kg

Automatic function: one-to-one storage in units of cargo space

Storage type: electronic bulk materials, valuables, etc.

Use: Intelligent management of bulk materials

SMT equipment maintenance strategy

SMT equipment, like other equipment, can also have problems during operation. Therefore, the repair and maintenance of the equipment should be paid attention to during the use of the equipment. The repair of the equipment is very important to equipment suppliers and equipment users.

  Suppliers generally focus on the diagnosis of SMT equipment failure, and then replace the smallest accessory unit they can provide. The user focuses on the timely repair of the equipment to ensure non-stop, and then purchase the smallest accessory unit. Often the smallest unit accessories provided by suppliers are very expensive, such as circuit control boards, motor drives, etc., ranging from a few thousand dollars to as many as tens of thousands of dollars. The average user will not spend a lot of money to reserve these expensive accessories. However, once a component is broken, it usually takes a long time to buy from a supplier, ranging from two weeks to one month, which causes the problem of long-distance quenching of thirst.

   Therefore, it is not enough for SMT equipment users to rely solely on suppliers, and they will pay a high price. He should provide maintenance personnel for his equipment and encourage them to repair broken parts by themselves. For example, in the following table, it is mentioned that a servo motor controller has a problem, the entire high-speed machine cannot be moved, and the entire production line cannot be produced. It costs 5000 US dollars to find a supplier immediately, and it is out of stock, and it takes at least two weeks; and after repairs The personnel inspection found that only the power output module (GTR) in the controller was broken and the GTR was available in the local market. Therefore, it only took about one day and less than US$100 to solve the problem. The time benefit can be imagined.

  The quality of equipment maintenance personnel is very important, and they should have knowledge of mechatronics, automatic control, and computers. SMT equipment is a highly automated control equipment, and the technology used is more advanced in the world, so another quality of maintenance personnel is to accept new knowledge and technology quickly.

SMT equipment maintenance personnel should have the minimum tools: multimeter, oscilloscope, IC data or can access relevant data online. Generally, don’t expect the random device to have circuit schematic diagrams such as control boards and driver boards. You can only rely on your own analysis and draw some parts. Circuit diagram to analyze the control circuit to find out the problem.