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smt patch processing a complete set of finished products
smt patch processing a complete set of finished products

smt patch processing a complete set of finished products


    In daily life, electronic products can be seen everywhere, and what the end user gets is the product package with plastic packaging, and how the whole set of products is produced in front of the shelf, what processes or steps, I believe many people do not understand, so today Tell everyone how the smt patch processing package is made.

1. Business communication

Sales find customers or contact OEMs, who need to produce and process electronic products, including the price of the patch, whether OEM materials, etc., as well as delivery time, quality qualification rate, etc., generally these are early business communication

2. Quotation evaluation

After in-depth understanding in the preliminary business communication, we have a preliminary understanding and understanding of the scale, strength and credibility of both parties, and then review the BOM list, evaluate and analyze the quotation, and after the quotation, Party A will evaluate the quotation.

pcb board

Three, audit

At this stage of the factory audit, some are in the quotation evaluation. If the relationship is relatively familiar, the factory audit is to examine the company's certification qualifications, factory equipment, management level, production status, production environment, and so on.

Four, sign the contract, the customer places an order

After communication, quotation evaluation, factory audit, etc., it comes to the stage of contract signing, where both parties will agree on terms and responsibilities for breach of contract. After the contract is signed, the customer can place an order.

5. Procurement of components

After the customer places an order, they need to purchase components according to the bom order. According to the contract, if it is an OEM, it is provided by the customer. If it is an OEM, it needs to be purchased by the placement factory. The procurement of components requires a period of time. Time, because of the current shortage of ICs and the supply chain goods are not in stock, the procurement of components is more troublesome.

Six, incoming inspection

Inspection of procurement or customer incoming materials is something that must be taken seriously before production and processing. If the product has batch problems due to component quality problems, it will consume manpower, material and financial resources on the one hand, and on the other hand, the most important thing is the impact Delivery time and customer trust. Therefore, the incoming inspection is that every patch processing factory must take it seriously.

7. Manufacturing

After the components are in place and the incoming materials are inspected, it is necessary to carry out the debugging and programming of the equipment in advance, and carry out the first production. After the first production is completed, after passing various tests and inspections, the procedures of the production line equipment are optimized and then mass production is carried out.

Eight, PCBA test

After the PCB is mounted and soldered, it will become a PCBA board, which is the board full of various components in electronic products that we see in our daily life. The board needs to be cut, divided, cleaned, and some The board also needs to be coated with three-proof paint. After these processes are completed, various tests are carried out, including functional tests, drop collision tests, high and low temperature tests, constant temperature tests, and salt spray tests, etc. Not all PCBAs will have these Process testing, which requires analysis and treatment.

Nine, assembly

If the customer only needs the board, then after the PCBA test is completed, it can be shipped to the customer. If the finished product is delivered to the customer, then it needs to be assembled. The assembly is a production line with a lot of people, and each production line station Responsible for a process, and then flow to the next station via the belt conveyor. After assembly, some electronic products must undergo aging tests.

10. Packaging

After the aging test is completed, the product returns to the production line, and then undergoes large batch packaging through packaging, plastic sealing, etc., and then enters the warehouse and waits for shipment.