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SMT placement machine boot and placement programming
SMT placement machine boot and placement programming

SMT placement machine boot and placement programming


    The placement machine is the core equipment that determines the quality and benefits of an smt placement factory. The placement machine needs to be operated by dedicated personnel from the placement machine engineer and operator. It involves booting and placement programming. The quality of the programming affects the placement of the placement machine. Film efficiency.

To operate the placement machine, it must be turned on in accordance with the operating procedures to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment. Let me briefly describe the steps of turning on the placement machine:

Proceed as follows:

1. Check whether the air pressure of the placement machine meets the equipment requirements, generally it should be about 5kg/cm2.

pcb board

2. Turn on the servo.

3. Return all axes of the placement machine to the original position.

4. Adjust the guide rail width of the placement machine to be about 1mm larger than the PCB width, and ensure that the PCB slides freely on the guide rail.

5. Set up and install the PCB positioning device. Generally, there are two ways of needle positioning and edge positioning.

Needle positioning method:

When using pin positioning, adjust the position of the positioning pin so that the positioning pin is exactly in the middle of the positioning hole of the PCB. When the PCB is positioned up and down freely, the position of the stopper and the top block must be adjusted according to the outline size of the PCB.

Edge positioning method:

Place the PCB support thimble according to the thickness and dimensions of the PCB to ensure that the force on the PCB is even and not loose during patching. If it is a double-sided PCB, after the B side is mounted, the position of the PCB support thimble must be readjusted to ensure that when the A side is mounted, the PCB support pin avoids the components that have been mounted on the B side.

6. After the setting is completed, the PCB can be installed for online programming or patch operation.

The above are the steps and precautions for the placement machine to start up. After the start-up is complete, you need to program the placement machine placement process

The placement program is composed of a pickup program and a placement program.

1. Pickup procedure

The pick-up program tells the placement machine where to pick up the pieces and what kind of component information to pick up. The content includes: the component name of each step, the offset of X, Y and corner of each step of the pick-up, the position of the feeder station, the type of the feeder, the height of the pick-up, the throwing position, whether to skip, etc. .

2. Placement procedure

The placement program tells the machine where to place the components, the angle of the placement, the height of the placement and other information

The content includes the component name of each step, the X, y coordinates and corners of each step, whether the height of the patch needs to be corrected, which number of patch head patching is used, whether multiple heads pick up the patch at the same time, whether it skips, etc.: patch program It also includes the X and y coordinate information of PCB and local Mark.