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What is SMT processing and improving production efficiency
What is SMT processing and improving production efficiency

What is SMT processing and improving production efficiency


SMT processing means that the electronic client provides materials to the electronic processing party for PCB processing and production due to the lack of its own equipment and technical experience. This is also the electronic processing service required by most electronic developers, which saves a large amount of capital investment and factory rent for electronic developers, which undoubtedly reduces production costs and increases the added value of products. Lingxinte Technology is a chip processing manufacturer with more than ten years of processing experience. It strictly implements the international ISO9001 standard for production. It specializes in providing various electronic processing services, such as PCBA processing, SMT patch, DIP plug-in and finished product assembly. Your pursuit of quality is our production standard.

SMT processing flow

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Quality is always the ultimate requirement of all electronic product processing. The same is true for SMT processing. Lingxinte Technology uses the most professional processing equipment, plant settings and production process control to ensure product quality. Next, we will give you a detailed introduction to the process of SMT processing.

1. The two parties conduct detailed negotiations on the processing project and sign a cooperation contract after confirming that they are correct.

2. The client submits PCB documents, BOM and component materials, etc. The PCB documents and BOM are used to confirm the accuracy of the component mounting direction and materials;

3. Incoming material inspection and processing. IQC testing of materials is carried out to ensure the quality of production. Some components need to be processed, such as material trimming, component forming, etc.;

4. On-line production. The first piece will be proofed before going online, and mass production will be carried out after both parties confirm that they are correct. During the process, stencil production, solder paste printing, component placement, reflow process and red glue process will be carried out;

5. Finished product inspection. The products are sent to the quality department for random inspection, and after the power is qualified, they will be packaged and shipped out.

How to improve SMT patch production efficiency

The efficiency of SMT patch processing has many aspects. For example, if the overall production volume is constant and the number of SMT patch production lines is large, the production speed can also be increased. However, the operating costs are also increasing. Nowadays, the fierce competition in the electronics industry is unimaginable. In the case of the existing placement production line, it is essential to increase the placement rate and win customer satisfaction. The following briefly introduces the factors and improvement measures of the SMT placement rate:

The SMT production line is mainly composed of screen printing machine, high-speed placement machine, multi-function placement machine, reflow soldering machine and AOI automatic detector. If two placement machines complete a placement process, the time (hereinafter referred to as placement time) is not equal When the time, it will affect the patch rate, specific methods:

1. Balanced load distribution. Reasonably allocate the number of two SMT components to achieve a balanced load distribution, so as to achieve the same placement time for two SMT placement machines;

2. SMT placement machine itself. We all know that the SMT placement machine itself has a maximum placement speed value, but it is generally not easy to achieve this value. This has a certain relationship with the structure of the SMT placement machine, for example, the X/Y structure For placement machines, the measures taken is to make the placement head pick up components at the same time as much as possible. On the other hand, when arranging the placement program, arrange the same types of components together to reduce the number of nozzle changes when the placement head picks up components. Save mounting time.

The SMT production line consists of many equipment. If any equipment is processing, if the speed is slow, it will delay the placement time and affect the entire processing process. How to improve is not only guided by theory, but also by the rich experience of on-site operators.