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Regarding PCBA design defects to manufacturability
Regarding PCBA design defects to manufacturability

Regarding PCBA design defects to manufacturability


PCBA design defects

PCBA is an important component of electronic products. The quality of PCBA soldering directly depends on the PCB wiring/layout and pad design, and the PCB wiring/layout and pad design depends on the PCBA assembly method and process flow. The design defects of PCBA are difficult or even impossible to solve in the production process. Negligence to control the quality of PCBA design will cause waste of components, materials, and man-hours, and even cause major losses. The problem is that: in the face of the above-mentioned circuit design errors and lack of manufacturability, individual business leaders and circuit designers are still talking about "products can be designed, but they can not be made!" The quality problems of product assembly and welding caused by design errors and lack of manufacturability are attributed to manufacturing. It is hoped that the product quality problems caused by design errors and lack of manufacturability can be solved by putting the process on the "first line".

In fact, the manufacturability of the so-called "designed and developed" products is inherently questionable. Even if the "product" is better manufacturable, it still needs advanced craftsmanship and skilled high-skilled personnel to become a commodity that the market needs! Regrettably, the managers of some of our companies still do not realize this truth.

The traditional design method emphasizes the design speed and only pays attention to the realization of the product function in the first design stage of the product; because it is impossible to fully consider the manufacturing requirements in the design stage, and the lack of knowledge and experience of the designer, the result is due to non-manufacturability, poor manufacturability or design errors , This requires the designer to modify the design plan, and then design one or more times, and each time it is improved, the prototype must be re-made. To get a more satisfactory product, you need to repeat this process many times, which makes the product development cycle longer and higher costs.

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Circuit, structure, and technology are the three major technical elements that constitute electronic products. The three are indispensable and complement each other. Advanced and perfect electronic products require not only technologically advanced and economically reasonable circuit schemes and structural designs, but also Advanced process technology, the final realization of the product and whether it has market vitality depends to a large extent on the advanced level of process technology.

For electronic products, the function of circuit design products, the form of structure design products, and the process of process design products. To achieve the quality goals of GJB and QJ, good design quality is a prerequisite, including assembly methods, packaging types of components used, component layout and density design, solder joint reliability and process design, and PCB structure, materials and processes Design etc.

"Design must be designed for manufacturing", strengthen circuit manufacturability, make circuit design in accordance with standardized and standardized requirements, improve the design quality of circuit design, and eliminate problems as much as possible. It is the fundamental purpose of design for manufacturability in the design stage. . Practice has proved that the quality and reliability of products are designed, and circuit design is the main way for electronic products to realize their circuit functions. It plays a pivotal role. The products designed by circuit designers do not meet the national standards, national military standards or related to the electronics industry. Standards, out of the production practice of this unit, lack of manufacturability, the product loses the basic premise of achieving its quality and reliability. No matter how advanced the circuit scheme and structural design of an electronic product are, if it lacks manufacturability, the product cannot be finally realized, nor can it have market vitality.