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Introduction to the safe use of SMT placement machine
Introduction to the safe use of SMT placement machine

Introduction to the safe use of SMT placement machine


The safe use of smt placement machine includes personal and equipment safety. Personal safety is the most important aspect. It involves regulations and standards, corporate culture, corporate social responsibility, employee training, and rules and regulations. It is a must in the application of the placement machine. Constantly grasp the first important task unremittingly.

1. The three elements of safety foundation

1. The concept of safety is fundamental

(1) Safety is a basic human need

Security is one of the basic needs of mankind, the most basic survival need of everyone, the foundation and lifeline for the existence and development of enterprises, and the fundamental guarantee for national economic development. Every member of the company, from executives to ordinary employees, should firmly establish the safety concept of "safety first, prevention first", no matter what management model or profit model, safety is the fundamental model; no matter which product line, which In the production line, safety is the lifeline; only with safety can there be safety; with safety, only development can be achieved.

(2) Safety is the eternal theme of production

Safety is the eternal theme of production and will never change. Regardless of whether it is facing high-risk mining and transportation, or the relatively less dangerous electronics manufacturing industry, security risks are omnipresent and always present. A high sense of responsibility, constant attention to safety, and never-relaxing safety thinking are the fundamental guarantee for safe production; carelessness and fluke will always be the enemy of safety.

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(3) Safety management focuses on prevention beforehand

The characteristic of modern enterprise safety management is that safety management has gradually begun to transform from traditional accident handling to pre-prevention, from passive safety of "I want to be safe" to active safety of "I want to be safe, I will be safe". Today, people-oriented, scientific development is advocated, and a harmonious society is created. It is even more important to take the safety concept deeply into the hearts of the people and implement it in every aspect.

2. Laws and regulations are the guarantee

(1) Regulations and standards are the basic guarantee

Relevant safety regulations and standards, from international conventions, national laws and regulations, national standards, industry standards, regional standards, to corporate standards, provide basic guarantees for safety from various levels. For example, the national labor protection law, the labor rights protection law, and the women and children rights protection law fundamentally stipulate the responsibilities and rights of relevant employers and employees regarding labor safety and health; various standards for equipment, tools, and materials, Put safety in the first place, and all of these provide safety guarantees fundamentally.

(2) Hard-won safety rules and regulations

In smt factories, all production processes, from the operation of the production line to the implementation of each process, and the safe operation of each equipment, almost without exception, have various safety systems. The vast majority of these systems are formulated on the basis of scientific analysis, and there are also many provisions based on practical experience. It can be said that many system provisions are painful lessons and even the blood of predecessors. Illegal operation not only disrespects knowledge, disrespect for predecessors, disrespect for life, disrespect for myself.

(3) The root cause of the accident has violation factors

Regardless of the nature of the accident, as long as you carefully analyze it, you will find that the safety regulations are not implemented and are caused by violations. For example, misoperation accidents are caused by failure to comply with operating procedures, or failure to follow scheduling orders, or failure to follow industry regulations. Habitual violations are the root cause of accidents.

(4) Develop safety habits

The so-called habit is the way of behavior that is consolidated and becomes necessary due to repeated operations. Habits have a great influence on human behavior. Scientific research shows that only about 5% of a person's daily behavior is non-habitual, and the remaining 95% are habitual. Therefore, cultivating habits that are conducive to safety is an important way to reduce the contingency and probability of accidents.

The prerequisite for cultivating safe habits is to implement various rules and regulations, and the core lies in the formation of behaviors. The formation of a habit requires a process and requires experience. Cultivating safety habits is not only the highest state and ultimate goal of enterprise safety education, but also the embodiment of the basic qualities of workers and the guarantee of happiness.

3. Technical measures are barriers

Due to the importance of safety to human survival and development and the seriousness of safety accidents in the development of modern science and technology, an independent safety science and technology has gradually formed in the field of modern science and technology, specializing in understanding the occurrence and development of accidents, and researching and developing accidents. Prevention strategies and control techniques. This book covers only a part of the field of safety technology, that is, the role of safety technology measures in industrial production safety.

(1) Safety awareness and rules and regulations cannot ensure safety

Human beings are different from robots in that they have seven emotions and six desires. No matter how high safety awareness and perfect rules and regulations, they cannot ensure 100% safety. Mistakes or negligence can be said to be human characteristics or human nature. Moreover, the robot may also be disturbed or malfunction. Therefore, it is necessary to provide the last barrier and line of defense through safety technology as much as possible.

(2) Safety technical measures should prevent and tolerate human errors

Safety technical measures mainly use various sciences and technologies mastered by mankind to provide the most complete safety guarantee for the production process and equipment. It not only requires guarantees when people do not make mistakes, but also requires new safety technical measures to prevent people from making mistakes. To buffer and tolerate human errors within a certain range. For example, the safety technology of detection, alarm and machinery alliance has been applied in many processing machines. When the detection mechanism senses that a part of the human body enters a dangerous part, it immediately sends out sound and light alarms and controls related parts of the machine to stop movement that may cause accidents., So that safety can still be guaranteed even if the operator violates regulations. With the development of modern sensor technology, automation technology, electronic information technology and tight control technology, various safety technical measures for processes and equipment are becoming more and more perfect, which will provide more and more reliable guarantees for human safety.

(3) The task of safety technology

1. Analyze the causes of various accidents;

2. Research methods to prevent various accidents;

3. Improve the intrinsic safety of the equipment; 4. Strengthen the safety of the equipment through technical measures.

Various safety technical measures are based on the principle of changing dangerous work to safe work, changing cumbersome to simple, and changing manual operation to automatic operation, and achieve the ultimate goal of safe production by improving safety equipment, working environment or operation methods.

(4) Technical safety is still the human factor first

Any kind of advanced PCBA technology needs to be mastered by people, and any equipment with perfect safety technical measures needs people to manage and maintain. Therefore, in the final analysis, it is still inseparable from the human factor, and it is inseparable from the improvement of management and labor. The quality of the personnel, safety awareness and technical level are the most fundamental safety guarantee.