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About packaging in SMT patch processing
About packaging in SMT patch processing

About packaging in SMT patch processing


Among smt chip manufacturers, the quality of SMT is the only survival goal, and it is one of the results of the long-term operation of smt manufacturers. Therefore, it is necessary to check the quality and qualification rate of the product after the smt is completed, and prepare for the return of the order to prevent the occurrence of PCB products with incomplete performance.

The SMT quality qualification rate test items of the global prestige have the following points:

1. Connecting tin between the device pins: Whether there is solder connection between each package pin of the component and PCB board short-circuit phenomenon occurs.

2. The device soldering tin longitudinal offset: on the back of the pin, whether the solder paste part has the original specification that exceeds the solder joint.

3. Device pin lift and lift: Whether the lift and lift of the package pin of the component are both greater than 0.15mm.

4. Device welding standard form: whether the solder paste on the front of the package lead pin of the component, the finger and the root of the pin is good; the arc solder tape appears between the lead pin and the solder joint; whether the surface of the PCB pin distribution is clearly visible; solder Need to cover to 1/2 or more than 0.3mm of the lead thickness.

5. Inspection of poor soldering of the device: The solder pins that can be seen at a glance are less tin, or the tin is not in place, and there is no arc surface solder tape between the lead pins and the solder joints. These are the phenomenon of poor soldering during the smt process. This situation requires Clean directly.

After the inspection, the warehouse arranges packaging and then shipping.

1. Check whether each type of customer product in the good product area has written words and a mark with the name of the inspector. Only those with a mark can be packaged.

2. The customer products of the high-quality products after the guarantee are separated according to different models and varieties, and are tied into a bundle of 10~20Pcs with aprons or packaged in a plastic bag in units of 50~500.

pcb board

3. Do not mix and pack products of different varieties and different product models.

4. The assembly of each tie, bag, bag, and box must be uniform, beautiful and conducive to counting the number.

5. The model of the customer's product must match the model of the box.

6. The packing box must be firmly sealed with transparent strong adhesive tape to avoid the packing box breakage during the handling process.

7. Record the name, number, and date of the QC staff accurately in the package record book.

8. The number of each bar, bag, bag, and box must be accurate. For some products to be shipped, the single area is small, that is, the products of small plates must be separated and measured by electronic counters in addition to manual points. Each bag, the number of each bag.

9. A black pen must be used to clearly, neatly and accurately indicate the product model, number (number of bags per bag ⅹ number of bags + zero number), date and QC staff, packer’s name, etc., with a black pen on the outside of the packaging box, and the words should be accurate in real time. Ship in accordance with the shipping notice.

10. When binding or arranging, the black glue dots must be separated on both sides of the two boards, that is, the back is tied and arranged, so as not to affect the luminosity of the black glue dots. Foam film must be used between the boards and the boards with electronic components. Separate, avoid damage to the components and the outside of the circuit board.