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SMT placement machine programming operation steps
SMT placement machine programming operation steps

SMT placement machine programming operation steps


How to learn SMT placement machine programming? What programming steps are required? This is a technique that many smt basic operation technicians want to learn. Relatively speaking, there are some differences in the programming of SMT placement machines of various brands, but the overall programming rules and operating steps are still unchanged. The following smt placement machine production What are the operating steps for SMT placement machine programming?

1. The placement program setting of SMT placement machine

SMT placement machine placement program settings refer to the placement program environment settings, such as machine configuration, coordinate reference origin, component database selection, and feeder database selection.

1. The configuration of the machine is the basic setting environment of the patch program. The configuration of the placement machine includes: the type of placement head; the location, type and accuracy of the camera;

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the parameters transmitted by the circuit board; the model and number of nozzles stored in the machine; the parameters of the automatic tray feeder; the parameters of the machine's coordinate axes; Other parameters.

2. The coordinate reference origin refers to the gap between the coordinate origin of the circuit board and the origin of the patch component. The coordinate system directions of different devices are different. When the coordinate origin of the circuit board is at the corner of the circuit board, the coordinates of the patch component are based on the corner or reference points in the same direction as the origin.

3. Component database: Some machines can set up and store multiple component databases according to different product series, and call different databases when needed.

4. The feeder database is like a component database, and it can also store multiple feeder databases, which can be selected according to needs.

2. The size of the circuit board to be patched refers to the size of the circuit board and the way of joining the board

The programming of the smt placement machine needs to adjust the width and transmission distance of the circuit board conveyor track according to the size of the printed circuit board. The support device of the circuit board can also adjust the support height according to the thickness of the circuit board. The circuit boards of general products use a single product; some products are not conducive to the production of chip placement equipment because the size of a single circuit board is too small, or in order to improve the production efficiency of the equipment and reduce the transmission time of the circuit board, multiple products are used. Board way. For multiple product panels, when entering the component placement list, only one panel component needs to be entered, and the component positions of other panels can be automatically copied.

Three, circuit board offset correction

Circuit board offset correction refers to the use of the reference point J of the circuit board to correct the patch coordinates. The reference points are some characteristic points on the circuit board. Generally, the same process as the metal pad of the printed circuit and the component is used on the circuit board. Produced at the same time as it is produced, it can provide a fixed and accurate position and is a characteristic point used to calibrate the placement position of the component as a whole. The calibration methods of the reference points on the circuit board can be divided into three types: use the reference points of the comprehensive calibration to calibrate all the components on the circuit board; Correction of the component; use the reference point next to the component to correct a local single high-precision component.

Fourth, the configuration of the nozzle

The smt placement machine program can optimize the placement sequence according to the nozzles stored in the current machine or without limiting the nozzles. If it is optimized based on the nozzles stored in the current machine, then the nozzles do not need to be reconfigured; if the nozzles are not restricted for optimization, then the nozzles need to be re-sucked according to the nozzle list generated after optimization. The configuration of the mouth.