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How to develop SMT patch processing orders
How to develop SMT patch processing orders

How to develop SMT patch processing orders


The development of an enterprise is inseparable from orders. In this tiger-and-wolf industry, everyone wants to get more orders, and even some companies do not hesitate to lower prices to get orders. This is a very headache. For the survival and development of the company, it should be How can we develop more SMT chip processing orders? The editor thinks that we can proceed from the following aspects.

  One, find the right customers

If a company wants to develop more SMT patch orders and tap more customers, it must accurately locate, objectively evaluate its own company's situation, and find customers that match itself, so that it is possible to reach transactions with customers and achieve long-term cooperate. If, as a small and medium-sized enterprise,

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when digging for customers, it is necessary to find the right customers, this is a truly feasible strategy.

  2. Enhance service awareness, customers are God

An enterprise can see how strong it is from its processing capability, quality, and delivery cycle. This is also the most important thing for customers. Customers choose to process in yours because you can meet customer requirements in terms of quality and delivery cycle. The reason for leaving is because you cannot meet the needs of customers, and customers have better manufacturers. Therefore, if we want to develop more SMT patch orders, we must improve the quality of the products, improve the delivery time, be able to deliver according to customer requirements, improve service awareness, and treat customers as God.

  Three, take PCBA one-stop service

  Taking the road of PCBA processing specialization will be the future development direction. PCBA electronic manufacturing services include one-stop services from upstream electronic component procurement to PCB production and processing, SMT patch, DIP plug-in, PCBA testing, finished product assembly, customs declaration and international logistics. Some manufacturers need competent electronic processing manufacturers to help them produce products due to their own equipment defects and insufficient processing experience. At this time, PCBA processing can take advantage of the competitive advantages of large-scale procurement and quality control, and transfer preferential treatment to customers to meet their needs. Various needs.

  Four, take the road of international sales

  Although the domestic SMT chip processing market is relatively large, everyone wants to get a share of it. The competition is very fierce. Some processing plants even do not hesitate to lower prices to obtain orders. However, some customers abroad often choose to process in other countries due to relatively high production costs in the local area. At this time, they can look at the international market, take the road of international sales, tap foreign customers, and expand the source of orders.

The above four key points are detailed on how to develop more SMT patch processing orders for the survival and development of the enterprise.