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SMT environmental requirements and production efficiency
SMT environmental requirements and production efficiency

SMT environmental requirements and production efficiency


SMT production equipment is a high-precision mechatronics equipment. The equipment and process materials have certain requirements for environmental cleanliness, humidity, and temperature. In order to ensure the normal operation and assembly quality of the equipment, during the SMT patch processing process, The working environment has the following requirements:

  1: Power supply: power supply voltage and power must meet the equipment requirements

  The voltage must be stable, and the requirements:

  Single-phase AC220 (220±10%, 50/60 HZ)

  Three-phase AC380V (220±10%, 50/60 HZ) if it does not meet the requirements, a regulated power supply must be configured, and the power of the power supply must be more than twice the power consumption.

  2: Temperature: Ambient temperature: 23±3℃ is the best. Generally, it is 17-28°C. The limit temperature is 15~35℃ (the environment temperature of the printing workshop is 23±3℃ is the best)

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  3: Humidity: relative humidity: 45~70%RH

  4: Working environment: Keep the workplace clean and sanitary, free of dust and corrosive gases.

  The air cleanliness level is 100,000 (BGJ73-84);

  In an air-conditioned environment, there must be a certain amount of fresh air, and try to control the CO2 content below 1000PPM and the CO content below 10PPM to ensure human health.

  5: Anti-static: The production equipment must be well grounded, and the three-phase five-wire grounding method should be used and grounded independently. The ground, workbench mats, and chairs of the production site should meet the anti-static requirements.

  6: Exhaust air: Both reflow soldering and wave soldering equipment have exhaust air requirements.

  7: Lighting: There should be good lighting conditions in the workshop, the ideal illuminance is 800LUX×1200LUX, at least not less than 300LUX.

  8: SMT production line personnel requirements: the operators of each equipment of the production line must be professionally trained and qualified, and must be proficient in the operating procedures of the equipment.

  Operators should strictly follow the "Safety Technical Operation Regulations" and process requirements.

Methods to improve the production efficiency of SMT patch processing

The efficiency of SMT chip processing has many aspects. For example, if the overall production volume is constant and the number of smt chip production lines is large, the production speed can also be increased. However, the operating costs are also increasing. Nowadays, the fierce competition in the electronics industry is unimaginable. In the case of the existing placement production line, it is essential to increase the placement rate and win customer satisfaction. The following briefly introduces the placement rate factors and improvement measures:

The placement production line mainly consists of a screen printing machine, a high-speed placement machine, a multi-function placement machine, a reflow soldering machine and an AOI automatic detector. If the two placement machines complete a placement process (hereinafter referred to as the placement time) When they are equal, the patch rate will be affected. The specific methods are as follows:

1. Balanced load distribution. Reasonably allocate the number of two placement components to achieve a balanced load distribution so that the placement time of the two placement machines is equal;

2. The placement machine itself. We all know that the placement machine itself has a maximum placement speed value, but it is generally not easy to achieve this value. This has a certain relationship with the placement machine's own structure, for example, X/Y structure placement The measures taken is to make the placement head pick up components at the same time as much as possible. On the other hand, when arranging the placement program, arrange the same type of components together to reduce the number of nozzle changes when the placement head picks up components and save the placement. Install time.

The SMT patch production line is composed of many equipment. If any piece of equipment is processing, if the speed is slow, it will delay the placement time and affect the actual processing process. How to improve is not only guided by theory, but also rich in on-site operators. Experience.