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SMT important positions and solder paste printing machine
SMT important positions and solder paste printing machine

SMT important positions and solder paste printing machine


The most important post of SMT patch

   In order to better improve the work efficiency of SMT placement, Hefei placement must have a detailed assessment of the staffing and machine ratio of each link and position. So what are the most important positions in smt processing? Of course, it won’t work if one of the processes is missing. Today we will analyze it with you:

First of all, I think it is solder paste printing, because the quality of solder paste printing directly determines whether the quality of the subsequent product can meet the customer's requirements. Whether the product is qualified is equivalent to a math problem. If the first step is wrong, then the whole result It must be all wrong.

   Of course some people will say that there are more quality interventions in the patching process? Isn’t it important? Each item is very important. There is no extra work in smt. Operators and technicians are required to cooperate closely in the placement process to reduce placement accuracy and error to almost zero, to ensure that there are no errors, omissions, and reflections. In fact, the overall quality problem is not big.

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   Especially 0201 devices, under the current equipment accuracy that can generally reach 01005 precision placement requirements, there is no problem with patching as long as the attention is paid.

   Therefore, I think the most important post and link in SMT chip processing is the solder paste printing post.

Maintenance of SMT solder paste printing machine

There are many factors that affect printing quality, such as solder paste quality, template quality, SMT printing process parameters, ambient temperature, humidity, and equipment accuracy. In fact, we can see from all these factors that affect printing quality that all problems have a lot to do with our equipment.

The quality of solder paste affects printing: The quality of solder paste can affect, and so can the accuracy of the printing machine. The quality of the template is a key point to test our equipment, so today I will share with you about the maintenance and maintenance of the SMT solder paste printing machine! Because in the eyes of ordinary people, this kind of machine may be used up and stopped. It doesn't matter where, in fact, when the production of a product or the end of a day's work is finished, the template and scraper must be cleaned. So let's share with you the maintenance and maintenance process of the SMT solder paste printer, hoping to help you.

1. Remove the squeegee, use special wipe paper dipped in absolute ethanol to clean the squeegee, and then install it in the printing head or the tool cabinet.

2. There are two ways to clean the template

Method 1: Cleaning by washing machine. Use template to wash equipment, the cleaning effect is the best.

Method 2: Manual cleaning.

Use special wipes to apply absolute ethanol to remove the solder paste. If the leak is blocked, use a soft toothbrush instead of stabbing it with a hard needle.

Use a compressed air gun to blow clean the residue in the leak hole of the template.

Install the template on the placement machine, otherwise it will be received in the tool cabinet.

Note: The order of removing the template and the scraper is to remove the scraper first, then the template to prevent damage to the scraper.

To sum up, in fact, for equipment maintenance, we need front-line operators to be able to handle our SMT solder paste printers, SMT placement machines, reflow soldering, selective wave soldering, etc. with a sense of ownership. All equipment needs to be taken care of like a baby, only in this way can it be ensured that PCBA products will not have problems in production.