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Automatic smt processing and welding and repair
Automatic smt processing and welding and repair

Automatic smt processing and welding and repair


When it comes to smt processing, the importance of fully automated production lines is well known. After all, it provides the efficiency and consistency required for high-volume PCBA manufacturing. The current market demand makes the importance of automated assembly more important than ever. Obviously, its importance comes from the high efficiency and quality it provides, which makes it easier to enter the market. Therefore, it can become an important source of competitive advantage. Other major advantages it provides include:

1. Low cost

Professional smt chip processing plants use circuit board assembly procedures before entering actual production. In turn, this reduces the possibility of errors and delays. It is also possible to correct any design errors during this period. Overall, this leads to a significant cost reduction.

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2. Reduce the chance of error

The process of the printed circuit board assembly requires great attention to detail. This is especially true considering that circuit boards are getting smaller and smaller. Automated patch assembly significantly reduces the chance of error. This means you can get a reliable product and you don't have to face costly mistakes when you are ready to ship the final product.

3. Consistent quality

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One of the major advantages provided by automated assembly is that you can ensure consistent quality. This is also one of the advantages of entering industrialized mass production.

Four, miniaturization

With miniaturization, it is usually impossible to manually assemble components, requiring an automated assembly process. In addition to these general advantages of automated assembly, PCB automated assembly also benefits in particular from the following facts:

1. Large components require automatic reflow soldering, because it is difficult to solder the pins manually, especially the pins hidden below.

2. QFP is very sensitive to coplanarity and is difficult to weld manually.

3. Small components such as resistors and capacitors are difficult to weld manually.

4. For circuit boards with densely placed components, the consistency of manual soldering is always a problem.

5. Some automation systems used by contract manufacturers include:

1. Pick and place machine used to place parts on the circuit board;

2. Welding system for placing parts;

3. Automatic wiring machine;

6. In addition to the assembly system, there are also automated test systems, including:

1. Optical inspection system;

2. Online testing system;

3. Flying probe test system;

4. Functional test system;

Advantages of automatic smt processing production line

Lead-free soldering and rework for smt processing

The introduction of lead-free smt patch assembly has always been a challenge for the first assembly, because it will face more challenges when PCB processing and rework are required. Performing PCBA repairs in a lead-free environment will have higher cost, quality details, time and repeatability issues-but due to lead-free requirements, all these issues need to be paid attention to. Because the lead-free process requires:

1. Train operators to conduct lead-free assembly, maintenance and inspection, and evaluate time and cost.

2. Lead-free solder materials are all more expensive than the traditional ones, such as lead-free wires, welding rods, and core solders.

3. The processing temperature (about 30-35℃) of lead-free assembly requires higher accuracy and precision.

4. The lead-free process also requires the research and planning of the smt processing plant to establish the correct PCBA rework process.