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PCB distortion and placement machine is easy to use
PCB distortion and placement machine is easy to use

PCB distortion and placement machine is easy to use


Quickly find and solve PCB distortion problems

PCB distortion is a common problem in SMT mass production. The main reasons include: improper selection of the raw materials of the PCB itself, especially paper-based PCBs, whose processing temperature is too high, which will distort the PCB; the unreasonable PCB design and uneven distribution of components will cause excessive thermal stress on the PCB and larger appearance. Connectors and sockets will also affect the expansion and contraction of the PCB, and even permanent distortion; if the copper foil on one side of the PCB is too large (such as the ground wire), and the copper foil on the other side is too small, it will cause the two sides to shrink. Uniformity and deformation; too high temperature during reflow soldering will also cause PCB distortion.

The solution is to choose a better quality PCB or increase the thickness of the PCB to achieve the best aspect ratio when price and space permit; rationally design the PCB, and the area of the double-sided copper foil should be balanced. Preheat the PCB beforehand; adjust the fixture or clamping distance to ensure the space for thermal expansion of the PCB; reduce the welding process temperature as much as possible; when a slight distortion has occurred, it can be placed in the positioning fixture and heated to reset to release the stress.

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Therefore, in SMT processing, there is a problem of distortion of the PCB circuit board, which must be paid attention to in the production of SMT batch

Is the SMT placement machine easy to use?

It is mainly used for new product development and has the advantage of low price. SMT placement machine, as a very important process in the SMT placement process, will naturally receive great attention from manufacturers and customers. Hefei Sucheng electronic placement machine is easy to use, but many people may not understand the development and development of SMT placement machine. Control key

When a piece of equipment is slower than others, then this piece of equipment will become a bottleneck restricting the speed increase of the entire SMT production line. In general, the bottleneck of Hefei's fast electronic placement machine often appears on the placement machine. To eliminate the bottleneck phenomenon, it can only be achieved by adding a placement machine. Under normal circumstances, we will purchase a high-speed placement machine, a multi-function placement machine. Because it has both high-speed machine and high-precision characteristics, the range of placement of components covers high-precision placement machines and high-speed placement machines. It can solve the bottleneck problem caused by high-speed placement machines or high-precision placement machines. . The current development trend of placement machines is also in this direction to meet the needs of the market. Adding a placement machine to the production line can solve the bottleneck problem and speed up the rhythm rate. This method provides more production capacity and more feeder positions to better balance the production line without significantly increasing the complexity of the production line management , This is far greater than the increased production capacity of a single placement machine.

SMT reflow soldering The production process of these three SMT production equipment is of great importance. The quality of the products produced by the former production equipment is not up to the standard and the latter production equipment cannot produce good products. Hefei Sucheng electronic placement machine When a placement machine runs for a long time, the machine will more or less have some failures and problems of this kind, but when the smt placement machine fails, the editor recommends the following ideas Solve the problem: Analysis and treatment of common failures of smt placement machine. Detailed analysis of the working sequence of smt placement machine and the logical relationship between them. Understand the location, link and extent of the fault, and whether there is any abnormal sound. Understand the operation process before the failure occurs. Does it happen to specific placement heads and nozzles? Does it happen on a specific device? Does it happen to a specific batch? Does it happen at a specific moment? The common faults of smt placement machine are: 1. The component placement offset of the smt placement machine mainly refers to the position offset in X-Y after the components are mounted on the PCB. The reasons are as follows.

The more unique advantage is that it has an automatic track, can freely combine production lines with product characteristics, and realize SMT assembly line integration and automation. , Your domestic placement machine choice (NeoDen4) automation is a major feature of the product, and Siemens placement machine is especially for now that the labor cost is gradually increasing. For this reason, a lot of effort has been made in human-computer interaction. Trainers can learn how to operate the machine in only half a day, which greatly saves time and personnel costs. In addition to personnel costs, price costs are also one of the advantages. At present, the accuracy of the placement machine is 0.05%, although there is a certain gap with the 0.01% that can be achieved by foreign high-end equipment.

Inch size length x width 0603= 0.06inch*0.03inch, metric size length x width 3216=3.2mm*1.6mm. 20. Exclusion ERB-05604-J81 No. 8 code "4" means 4 circuits, the resistance value is 56 ohms. The capacitance value of the capacitor ECA-0105Y-M31 of Hefei Rapid Electronic Placement Machine is C=106PF=1NF =1X10-6F. 21. The full name of ECN in Chinese: Engineering Change Notice; the full name of SWR in Chinese: Special Requirements Work Order, which must be countersigned by relevant departments. 22. The specific content of 5S is tidying up, rectifying, cleaning, cleaning and accomplishment. 23. The purpose of PCB vacuum packaging is to prevent dust and moisture. 24. The quality policy is: quality control, implementation of the system, and providing the quality required by customers; full participation, timely processing, to achieve the goal of zero defects.