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SMT prevents wrong materials and placement machine board
SMT prevents wrong materials and placement machine board

SMT prevents wrong materials and placement machine board


    In the production process of SMT production line, whether it is tape or pallet material, it will be used up within a certain time, so the production line operator needs to replace the material tray in time. If the production line operator changes according to the standard process, it is generally very Incorrect materials rarely occur, but in some SMT production lines, incorrect materials still occur because people are affected by the surrounding environment and human factors, and they are negligent when performing material matching, and people’s emotions are affected and affected. When it comes to the quality of work, wrong materials occur.

    Therefore, at present, many large factories are promoting smart factories or Industry 4.0, integrating hardware and software, all realizing automatic operation of machinery, and building unmanned factories. From the perspective of technology and human resources, this is the future trend of EMS smart manufacturing. Therefore, the deployment of smart factories by large-scale electronic processing enterprises should be put on the agenda quickly.

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    On the premise that we do not have the technology of an unmanned factory, then how should we minimize the occurrence of wrong materials caused by human factors, the following editor will explain to you

1. The placement machine is equipped with an error prevention system. When loading, reloading, and receiving materials, use the scanner to scan the station number on the machine, and then scan the bar code label on the material. The system automatically checks whether the loading is right or wrong, such as If there is an error, the system will automatically alarm and lock the line body. After the IPQC confirms the reason for the inspection, enter the password to cancel the alarm. If the production line operator receives the material privately, it will alarm and stop the line production.

2. When the production line operator installs the material tray on the feeder, confirm the materials again. After the installation is completed, the line length or QC can be used to match the materials.

3. After the scanning gun scan code check, the production line operator check, the line length or QC check again, it is confirmed that the material starts production correctly, generally after three inspections, there is almost no wrong material situation.

4. After the first board is produced on the SMT production line, the first piece inspection will be carried out. After the confirmation is correct, the mass production will start. If there is a need for refueling and receiving in the follow-up, follow the first step again.

In the above steps, the SMT chip factory operates strictly in accordance with the rules, which can basically prevent the occurrence of wrong materials.

SMT placement machine board precautions

The main function of the placement machine is to mount electronic components on the pcb circuit board pads. Today, many placement factories have implemented automated smt production lines, but there are still a small number of small placement factories that have semi-automated smt Production line, then it is necessary to manually put the printed pcb board into the connecting table conveyor belt to flow into the placement machine for placement, then what issues should be paid attention to when the placement machine is placed on the board.

The placement machine is located behind the solder paste printing machine and spi inspection machine. Some factories may not even have spi. They directly use a semi-automatic printing machine, and then manually put the board into the conveyor belt to flow into the placement machine for placement.

1. When the placement machine is on the board, the circuit board should be parallel to the track of the conveyor belt and gently push forward;

2. Make sure that the PCB is placed on the belt of the conveyor belt. Do not lay it out, causing the circuit board to jam;

At present, only a few placement factories do not have automated smt production lines, and most of them have adopted automated production lines.