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About SMT patch workshop production positions
About SMT patch workshop production positions

About SMT patch workshop production positions


From the perspective of SMT processing, because the meaning of the MES system is to break through the original management mode of the enterprise, through the labeling and systematization of various materials, devices, etc., an "ID card" is assigned to each component. The bar code standardization problem of the label when the supplier receives the material. So for from:

①Supplier cloud label printing;

②Scan materials;

③IQC quality inspection;

④Inventory/material management;

⑤Production preparation/online;

⑥ Preparation of supporting materials;

⑦In the product material monitoring;

⑧Return material/bulk material management;

⑨ Statement management;

Therefore, if we know every material of pcba circuit boards in production in the background, we know all the boards lacking, waiting, preparing, allocating, loss, etc. It is of great significance for the PCBA processing plant PMC and even the boss to decide the company's development plan in the next step.

How to configure the Smt patch processing production line to determine the type of factory

1. Parallel high-speed machine placement machine

Behind a high-speed machine and line up with other placement machines: The advantage of this equipment is its high efficiency per unit time. If the back-end process front-end solder paste inspection equipment and the back-end AOI quality inspection equipment are not very important, they generally belong to the batch type. In factories, this type of smt patch has a large quantity and a large number of points. After parallel production, you can enter the first inspection link after completing an AOI. It is suitable for the production of proofing orders and has high efficiency.

pcb board

2. Complete testing equipment and auxiliary equipment

Because SMT is not only for production, but also for testing equipment and auxiliary equipment. In particular, high-end products such as medical, automotive, military, and aerospace have very high requirements for product quality and stability, and therefore require very complete testing equipment. If a company's testing equipment and auxiliary equipment are very complete, then the quality and technical type is accurate.

3. Only SMT high-speed machine

Because many consumer electronics are very small, there are few plug-in materials, and the amount of consumer products is generally very large, so the demand is for mass placement. If a factory is equipped with a high-speed machine and only SMT is said to be done, then do it The consumer class didn't run away.

What is the most important post in SMT patch processing

To do anything, you must first make a plan, divide the core and commonality of the matter, and then allocate your time reasonably according to your time and energy, so as to improve your efficiency in handling things.

The same is true for smt patch processing. In order to better improve the work efficiency of SMT patching, a detailed evaluation is required for the staffing and machine ratio of each link and position. So what are the most important positions in smt processing? Of course, none of the processes will work.

The first is solder paste printing, because the quality of solder paste printing directly determines whether the subsequent product quality can meet the customer's requirements. Whether the product is qualified is equivalent to a math problem. If the first step is wrong, then the whole result must be Is wrong.

Of course some people will say that there are more quality interventions in the patching process? Isn’t it important? Each item is very important. Nothing is redundant in smt. Operators and technicians are required to cooperate closely in the placement process to minimize placement accuracy and errors, and ensure that there are no errors, omissions, reverses, etc. The quality problem is actually not a big problem.

Especially for 0201 devices, under the current equipment accuracy that can generally meet the requirements of 01005 precision placement, the problem is not big as long as the placement is careful.