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Which SMT placement machine is better? How to buy
Which SMT placement machine is better? How to buy

Which SMT placement machine is better? How to buy


SMT is the booster behind the electronics manufacturing and processing industry. With the rapid development of the electronics industry, SMT mounting technology is indispensable. The production efficiency has been greatly improved. With small size and diversified product forms, the core equipment behind this is the placement machine, which quickly and accurately mounts various types of electronic components on the PCB circuit board, greatly improving productivity and efficiency.

Faced with many brands and models of placement machines on the market, how to choose placement machines? Let’s analyze and explain to everyone below

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1. Place of origin of placement machine

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Choose imported placement machine or domestic placement machine. Import placement machine currently occupies more than 80% of the market. The main reasons are stability, good reliability, placement accuracy and speed, less minor defects, easy maintenance, domestic placement Although the machine has been developed for many years, the quality, reliability and stability are still not satisfactory. The precision and speed of the placement are far from the imported brands, and the value preservation is not high. Therefore, most of the domestic placement machines are not high in production capacity. Or placement factories with simple products do not require high precision and speed.

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2. Old and new placement machines

There are also many imported placement machine brands, mainly occupied by Europe, America and Japan. The prices of imported placement machines in different countries are also different. Most of the new imported placement machines are more expensive, especially the troika brand of placement machines. SMT manufacturers don’t mind second-hand placement. You can consider importing second-hand placement machine brands. The year is recent, the color is better, and the models in better condition can be satisfied. The work on the production line is not much worse than the brand new placement machines of the same model. The most important thing is to maintain regular maintenance to maximize the efficiency of the machine.

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3. High-speed, general-purpose placement machine

Different brands have high-speed and medium-speed placement machine models, but some brands of placement machines include high-speed machines, but the quality of word of mouth is really not good. They can only compete for the market position of medium-speed machines in the market, and high-speed placement machines can get The widely recognized brands in the market include Siemens (acquired by ASM), Panasonic, Fuji and other three brands; this is like the BBA in the automotive industry. Although Honda and Toyota also have high-end models, the market generally recognizes high-end brands such as BMW, The concept of Audi and Mercedes-Benz.

4. Market holdings, hedging rate

There are many brands and models of imported and domestic placement machines. Some brands and models are very unpopular, and some brands and models are very popular. If you want to choose a placement machine, you need to determine from the two aspects of market retention and value retention. The retention is large and accessories And later maintenance is easier, whether the value preservation rate is good or not, the placement machine as a large fixed asset also needs to be measured.

5. Existing SMT line body

If you already have a placement machine line body and need to expand the line, you can consider the placement machine and equipment of the same brand, because the early installation and commissioning and technical training can be ignored, and the technicians are more familiar, so you don’t need to spend time relearning. Shorten the empty time of the line body and maximize the benefits.


When buying an smt placement machine, you cannot determine the choice based on a certain placement machine brand alone. It needs to be considered based on its own production capacity, products made and budget. If the product reliability is high, the board material is large, and the production capacity is large and stable, Then consider the high-speed placement machine, and consider the imported high-speed machine, because the imported placement machine has high stability.