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How to choose SMT patch production line configuration plan
How to choose SMT patch production line configuration plan

How to choose SMT patch production line configuration plan


Patch production line

1. The selection of smt patch production line should be based on the type, output, and recent development plan of the product

First of all, it is necessary to clarify the electronic products processed on the patch production line, product types, product complexity, product components, and total annual output; the actual situation of the establishment of a new patch production line or the reconstruction and expansion of the old patch production line. Determine the size of the patch production line according to the actual situation, and calculate the specific placement machine required; if it is rebuilt or expanded, statistics can use the machine. There is a plan to expand production in the near future, and the production line should also consider scalability. There are production conditions to determine the scale of the production line

Second, choose the chip production line to determine the type of equipment according to the assembly density of electronic products, the type and quantity of mounted components

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To produce high-density, narrow-pitch, large-sized SMD devices, and special-shaped components on the placement production line, a multi-function placement machine must be selected. A multi-function smt placement machine cannot complete the placement task. It should also be equipped with a medium-speed placement machine or a high-speed placement machine.

Third, choose the patch production line to determine the selection plan according to the product process

The products on the patch production line are relatively simple. When using pure surface assembly or single-sided mixed assembly process, you can choose a kind of soldering equipment (reflow oven or wave soldering machine); if the product is more complex, the assembly density is high, and there are For the double-sided mixed assembly of multi-insertion components, when using two soldering processes, reflow soldering and wave soldering, two soldering equipment, reflow oven and wave soldering machine should be selected; if the product needs to be cleaned, cleaning equipment should also be configured.

Fourth, the misunderstanding of selecting equipment on the patch production line

I often encounter customers asking which series of placement machines, which reflow soldering series is the best, and which solder paste printing machine is the best. In fact, different products require different equipment. It cannot be said that the German Siemens placement machine is good. Nor can it be said that the South Korean Samsung placement machine is not good. Of course, you choose a high-efficiency high-speed smt placement machine, ideal production capacity and energy-saving reflow soldering, high printing accuracy, and inexpensive solder paste printer. If you are a boss, carefully consider the feasibility of the equipment required by the engineer, and the investment is high Factors such as the feasibility of the equipment and the investment cost and recovery cost. Engineers should understand the needs of your production and try their best to choose cost-effective machines for your company.

5. The main consideration is that the selection of the patch production line should be based on the financial conditions of the company

Funding conditions are relatively scarce, and priority should be given to the cost-performance ratio of the equipment on the placement machine production line.