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SMT patch processing and visual management
SMT patch processing and visual management

SMT patch processing and visual management


1. In the SMT placement factory, usually in order to ensure the systematic operation safety of the SMT placement machine, the operation of the SMT placement machine requires not only experienced technicians and general management personnel with professional knowledge training. Cooperate with the operation of the machine. In order to ensure the high reliability and straight-through rate of SMT placement. Rate of defective welding. Good high frequency characteristics. Reduce an electromagnetic and radio frequency signal interference. It is easy to realize automation and improve production efficiency.

2. The general management stipulates that the temperature of the production workshop of the SMT factory is between 25±3℃. SMT placement density is high, electronic products are small in size and light in weight. The size and weight of SMT patch components are only half or even one tenth of traditional plug-in components. After generally selecting SMT chip processing, the overall volume of the electronic product will be reduced by 40%~60% and the weight by 60%~80% under the corresponding function.

3. When the solder paste is printed, it is necessary to prepare a material sticking tool, steel blade, wiping paper, airflow into detergent, and stirring knife.

4. In SMT factories, the main component of solder paste alloy commonly used by most of our companies is Sn/Pb alloy, and the alloy ratio is 63/37.

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The main component of solder paste is divided into two parts: tin powder and flux. Flux is mainly used to effectively remove oxides, destroy the surface tension of molten tin, and prevent re-oxidation.

5. The volume ratio of tin powder particles to flux in the solder paste is about 1:1, and the weight ratio is about 9:1. In SMT processing, the solder paste must be thawed and reheated before being used before it can be used. Rewarming cannot be rewarmed by using heating.

6. The most easily overlooked link in PCBA manufacturing is the storage of BGA and IC chips. The storage of chips should be packaged and stored in a dry environment to keep the core components dry and anti-oxidation.

The significance of implementing visual management in SMT factories

(1) Improve efficiency

The application of visual management can strengthen communication, so that even if all personnel do not particularly understand each other, they can grasp the company's production operation and management requirements through eye observation, understand their own position and role in the organization, and The right action you should take.

Information flow is a prerequisite for efficient work. If employees can directly obtain operational management information, they can clearly grasp the work requirements and eliminate unnecessary intermediate management links. Some companies have such a situation, that is, set up many inspectors, their main job is to supervise and inspect the implementation of the company's upper-level instructions. In fact, this is a typical manifestation of poor management. Efficiently managed enterprises have smooth communication of information whether it is vertical or horizontal. Visual management is an effective means to achieve smooth flow of information and accurately convey instructions to employees.

The good visual management level of the production site gives managers more opportunities to directly obtain on-site work information, making the management work more realistic. The various management levels of the company exist to provide necessary support to the production site. Regardless of the instructions given by the management, they should be derived from the specific needs of the production site. When the management does not know enough about the actual situation of the production site, it will issue some inappropriate instructions and interfere with the production activities. The smooth flow of information helps ensure that the instructions issued by the management accurately reflect the actual conditions of the production site and avoid interference with production activities.

(2) Prevent errors

Through visual management, problems and abnormalities are revealed and the purpose of preventing errors is achieved. In the production activities of enterprises, various problems and abnormalities occur every day. If these problems and abnormalities cannot be discovered and dealt with in time, it will affect the normal progress of production activities. Through visual management, it reveals the ideal state and the actual state, or the normal state and the abnormal state, so that employees can directly feel "different from usual". In this way, employees can find problems and anomalies while working, so that they can find problems and anomalies early and make early countermeasures. At the same time, the visual management of the production site allows managers to directly contact the facts of the site as soon as they enter the site, and can see the problem at a glance, so that they can give instructions on the spot.