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About 5S typical implementation method of SMT factory
About 5S typical implementation method of SMT factory

About 5S typical implementation method of SMT factory


What are the typical 5S implementation methods of SMT factories

—, the establishment of a promotion organization

5S is not an activity that employees spontaneously clean up with their own understanding. In order for 5S to be carried out thoroughly and continuously, it is necessary to promote the organization and management of 5S activities, and the promotion organization is responsible for the promotion of the activities. Formulate activity plans, formulate various standards and regulations, conduct supervision and inspection, and conduct evaluations and competitions. Create a climax for the event and so on.

What are the typical 5S implementation methods of SMT processing factories

2. Establish a model area

The implementation of 5S can start from the model area. First select an area as a model area, concentrate on making 5S improvements in this area, and then require other areas to perform 5S work in accordance with the model area. Since the model area is the object of learning in other areas, the improvement of the model area must be thorough, so that the 5S level of the model area can reach a higher level, so that employees can realize the significance of implementing 5S and themselves from the improvement results achieved in the model area. Gaps in the workplace.

Improvement is to break the status quo. It needs to be based on an accurate grasp of the status quo and discover the problems in the status quo. The purpose of 5S is to improve the workplace. Recognizing the current problems in the workplace is also a prerequisite for implementing 5S improvements and achieving good results. Some problems are easy to find, such as rubbish on the ground, dust on the table, and messy stacking of objects. After the initial sorting, rectification and cleaning, after solving obvious problems, how to further do 5S work often makes employees feel confused, which requires them to develop problem awareness.

First of all, focus on improving the model area, which not only allows employees to see the improvement results as soon as possible, unify their understanding, and eliminate doubts, but it is also an effective means to educate employees and increase their awareness of problems. This point-to-face approach is an effective method adopted by many companies that have successfully implemented 5S.

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Three, patrol to find problems

Arranged by the advancing organization, staff representatives of various departments led by the advancing organization or company leaders conducted inspections on the entire company, pointed out the existing problems, and requested improvements within a time limit. This method of patrolling to find problems can play a very positive role in the promotion of activities when employees are not aware of problems in the initial stage of 5S implementation, and should be used frequently and regularly.

Work that needs to be done during inspections to find problems:

• Point out the existing problems;

• Provide guidance on improvement methods;

• Conduct on-site coordination on the resolution of cross-departmental difficult issues;

• Supervise the improvement of problems.

During the inspection, the pointed out problems and improvement requirements shall be recorded to make them traceable to supervise the improvement of the pointed out problems.

Four, fixed-point photo

The so-called fixed-point photography refers to taking pictures of the situation before and after the problem points are improved for comparison.

Pay attention to the following when taking fixed-point photography:

(1) The photographer stands in the same position back and forth;

(2) Facing the same direction;

(3) If the camera is a zoom lens, use the same focal length;

(4) It is best to have the date printed on the photo.

The difference between the two photos taken before and after the improvement should only be the conditions before and after the improvement reflected in the photos and the date when the photos were taken.

After printing out the two photos, paste them together, and provide the necessary text description of the situation before and after the improvement. You can put such photos on the 5S publicity board. This will not only enhance the pride of the employees who implement the improvement, but also tell other employees intuitively what is good and what is not good, which is helpful to the cultivation of employees' problem awareness.

What are the typical 5S implementation methods of SMT patch factories

5. Problem ticket activity (red card battle)

The question ticket is a question reminder about the size of a playing card. The practice of question ticket activity is to post question tickets on the question points and urge the responsible persons to make improvements. Sometimes in order to make the problem ticket more alert, it is printed in red. Therefore, the problem ticket activity is also called the red card operation.