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Implementation points on how to clean the SMT factory
Implementation points on how to clean the SMT factory

Implementation points on how to clean the SMT factory


What are the key points of how to clean the SMT factory?

The definition of cleaning: completely remove garbage, dust and stains.

Purpose of cleaning: maintain a good mood, stabilize product quality, and reduce equipment failures.

(1) Thorough cleaning

Dirty and chaotic workplaces will cause increased equipment failures, unstable product quality, and low employee sentiment, so you must make a decision to clean up thoroughly. Thorough cleaning must firstly be clean and spotless, and secondly, whether you can see or not, you must work hard to do a good job. The cleaning work seems simple, but it is not easy to do it thoroughly. It requires a meticulous attitude and perseverance. We must formulate countermeasures to solve the difficulties and sources of cleaning work. The so-called difficulties refer to problems that are difficult to deal with due to factors such as high positions, a lot of working hours, the need for assistance from others, and the need for investment. The source of occurrence refers to the place where the pollutants that pollute the environment and equipment are generated, including the source of liquid, dust, irritating gas, and noise. Dealing with difficulties and sources of occurrence requires the full use of the team spirit and creativity of employees. By analyzing the cause of the problem, take reasonable improvement measures to eliminate the source of occurrence, or minimize the amount of occurrence, or limit the pollution to the smallest possible range, and keep the environment and equipment clean and tidy.

What are the key points about how to clean the SMT processing factory?

(2) Cleaning and checking

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Checking refers to the inspection and maintenance of equipment. Companies with conditions can implement the idea of "cleaning and checking" in 5S activities. The cleaning of the equipment itself is the maintenance of the equipment. Dust, dirt, and foreign objects are the causes of equipment deterioration and equipment failure. Only by cleaning the equipment can the adverse effects of dust, dirt, and foreign objects on the equipment be eliminated. Keeping the equipment clean is the basic work of equipment maintenance. If you cannot clean the equipment, you cannot expect a high level of equipment management.

The cleaning process of the equipment is an opportunity to inspect the equipment and eliminate the hidden dangers of the equipment. Equipment failures are usually caused by the failure to detect and eliminate small hidden dangers in time, so that the problems are getting bigger and bigger. Through thorough cleaning of the surface and interior of the equipment, there is a chance to discover the hidden dangers of the equipment in time, such as oil leakage, vibration, abnormal noise, cracks, discoloration, excessive temperature, loose screws, falling solder joints, etc. The timely handling of these hidden dangers is very important to avoid failures and maintain good operating conditions of the equipment.

What are the key points of how to clean the SMT patch factory

The usual practice of enterprises is that the maintenance of the equipment is carried out by professional and technical personnel, and the user of the equipment is responsible for the cleaning of the equipment. To implement the idea of "cleaning and checking", it is necessary to allow equipment users to undertake part of the equipment maintenance work (of course not all maintenance work), so that equipment users have the opportunity to achieve "self-preservation", that is, to maintain the equipment used by themselves. equipment. The user of the online equipment maintains the equipment used by himself, which can enhance the user's sense of responsibility for the equipment. At the same time, because users are with the equipment day and night, they know the characteristics of the equipment best and have the opportunity to discover and eliminate hidden dangers in time. Therefore, equipment users can play an irreplaceable role for professionals in equipment maintenance. To enable users to maintain the equipment themselves, they must become familiar users of the equipment. This requires necessary training for users, so that they understand the working principle of the equipment and have basic mechanical and electrical knowledge.