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A complete guide to the PCBA quotation process
A complete guide to the PCBA quotation process

A complete guide to the PCBA quotation process


    At present, there are already many customers who are going from purchasing in a single link to seeking PCBA processing. Because PCBA foundry material is really saving time, trouble, worry, money and effort. From the customer's point of view, how to choose a suitable manufacturer, or what are the precautions for this PCBA, are of more concern to everyone. Then let’s analyze it from the PCBA quotation process:

    A complete guide to the PCBA quotation process

    A good quotation process varies between customers and manufacturers, but in the high-quality PCB design and SMT processing quotation process, there must be some standards, for example: not every manufacturer is qualified to participate in every project.

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Each specific project requires different types or manufacturers with different qualifications to provide circuit board processing services that meet quality standards. This is why before dealing with them, the company conducts a comprehensive background, qualification, equipment, process capability, and procurement supply chain investigation. In the process of investigation, it is necessary to focus on which kind of product cases have been produced, quality, service, word of mouth, authenticity, etc.

    Business Communication: Communication is a key part of the smooth development of each offer. From the beginning of the transaction to the processing of smt and the final product delivery, frank communication is very important in every step of product manufacturing. The effectiveness of business communication directly affects the probability of errors in obtaining the required items. In addition, when the two parties communicate frequently, the understanding of the project will become clearer.

    Signing the contract: The contract documents of both parties are necessary for small or large transactions and include evidence of every action you take against the manufacturer. In the contract, you can add everything from the transaction date to the delivery date, the terms and conditions of the project, fees, materials used, etc.

    Component matching list: The components used according to the BOM in the placement process must have good quality. Because the performance of the circuit board will depend on the excellence of the material. Obtain information about the components used from the manufacturer and check their quality and characteristics in detail.

    Quotation details: As with all types of transaction procedures, business communication and negotiation costs, and cooperation at a price acceptable to both parties is the prospect of success. In addition, if the product has a special process, it can be quoted according to the quality requirements of the product. Specify the bill of materials in detail, each item of expenditure, and calculate the expected expenditure in order to manage the cost.

    Process evaluation: In order to complete the verification function of the project, the completed circuit board must be evaluated and tested. Through the data output after the evaluation, you can understand whether the circuit board meets expectations.

    Conclusion: PCBA quotation is a back and forth process, after a series of discussions and negotiations. Only when the expectations of both parties are the same, the perfect offer will appear.