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The function of SMT sensor and the skill of changing cutter
The function of SMT sensor and the skill of changing cutter

The function of SMT sensor and the skill of changing cutter


The role of SMT sensors

    SMT placement machine sensors are an important part of the entire machine. If each sensor does not assist each other, it can only depend on the system cannot be assembled and produced. Then what sensors does the SMT placement machine have? What does each sensor do? Let's take a look at the following.

    1. Pressure sensor: Mainly responsible for detecting and sensing air pressure. When we use SMT components, air cylinders and vacuum generators have certain requirements for air pressure. The pressure sensor plays an important role here. When the detection pressure is low, it will immediately remind the staff to detect the pressure.

    2. Position sensor: It can not only provide the position of the PCB board for the SMT placement machine system, but also detect the number and movement of PCB components in real time, and provide assistance for our system assembly, so there are strict requirements for job information.

pcb board

    3. Image sensor: The sensor can provide the real-time working status of the SMT assembler, collect various image signals required at this time, including the position of the PCB board, the size and model of the installed components, and then analyze and process them through the common seat system Complete assembly tasks.

    4. Area sensor: mainly used for real-time detection of safety issues. When we use the SMT placement machine, for safety work. An area sensor is usually installed in each moving area to continue to detect the content information of the workspace

Tips for replacing the cutter on the SMT placement machine

    SMT machine knives are commonly used accessories in SMT placement machines. We can use knives to make us better produce SMT parts to respond quickly and improve our production efficiency. However, knives are a kind of consumable. Accumulated use will cause certain damage to itself. This time we need to replace the cutter after the operation, so how to replace the cutter? let's see.

    Replace the same type of paper cutter

    1. First, we must go back to the origin, move the paper feed tray to a fixed position, and then turn off the print head servo.

    2. Rotate the gimbal to CT25° with the manual handle, and then turn off the air.

    3. Loosen the screws of the fixing block and the adjusting block. First, remove the cutter from the fixed blade, and then remove the cutter from the moving side.

    4. After reinstalling the paper cutter, rotate the adjusting screw on the left side of the paper cutter to move

    Use the paper cutter to cut the paper up and down so that the paper can be cut (normal book paper), but

    Not too tight At the same time, the overlap defect of the cutting blade* should be 1mm.

    5. Tighten the clamping block screw and the setting machine setting block.

    6. Use the manual handle to rotate the head back to the origin, and then turn on the air source to return to the origin.

    Change different types of cutting tools.

    1. Replace the paper cutter as described above

    2. First, check the cutter of the placement machine and make sure it is open

    And make sure the width of the tape is correct

    3. Use the cutter of the assembly machine to move up and down, and then check the operation

    The cutter path is appropriate.

    4. Adjust the tool and push the length of the connecting rod to meet the following conditions: 2 and 3.

    5. After adjusting the crank length, use the stop pin of the cutting tool

    SMT machines should be adjusted accordingly and a distance of 0.5mm should be maintained as much as possible.

    6. The above method is to adjust the paper cutter on the SMT machine.