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Test the performance and operation steps of SMT
Test the performance and operation steps of SMT

Test the performance and operation steps of SMT


Detect the performance index of SMT placement machine

    Many people want to take the risk or develop into an SMT machine in the fully automatic SMT equipment industry. We can use the original placement machine for automatic, fast and accurate placement, but when we buy the SMT placement machine, you must test it Performance indicators, we will certainly not buy low-quality high-priced machines, so we must know how to detect? Let us introduce our factory below:

    1. Assembly failure rate: No matter what kind of machine, there will be assembly failures, which is inevitable.

    2. The air compression placement machine and the dry filter system are complete, which completely proves that the machine infrastructure is relatively in place.

    3. If we buy the transmission belt of the machine, the chain is worn out or aging, it may be a second-hand machine and must be checked.

    4. The system of the placement machine can be started and shut down normally to ensure that its input, output and other functions of the system can operate normally.

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    5. The guide rail and the lead screw run smoothly and harmoniously, no noise and no oil leakage.

    6. The appearance of various indicators, buttons and operating handles is complete, and the operation and display are normal.

    7. The variety, specification, placement direction, substrate size and original placement range can be placed according to specifications and standards.

    8. The drive cylinder, solenoid valve, pipeline and gasket have no foreign matter blockage or air leakage. The drive cylinder and solenoid valve work normally without noise.

    9. The placement speed of the SMT placement machine: Generally, if the IPC is not less than 60% of the rated speed, the IPC is the normal speed, or the speed we control is not more than 2 times, then we use the 1608 type components for system testing and assembly of the rated speed. Can.

The basic operation steps of SMT placement machine

    If you want to quickly produce and assemble components on the PCB board, we must understand and use the SMT placement machine, which is not only convenient, fast, accurate and convenient for production, but also discusses the production and operation steps of the SMT placement machine.

    1. Apply solder paste on the PCB to be assembled, or use a solder paste printer for automatic printing, and then send the solder paste-coated PCB to the SMT placement machine for reasonable fixation

    2. We install the material in the designated position of the feeder according to the system program setting, which enables the mounting head of the SMT placement machine to quickly absorb the components.

    3. In the system, control the mounting head to move to the position where we want to pick up the components. At this time, open the vacuum environment inside the nozzle so that the nozzle can absorb and connect the components normally.

    4. According to the components we want to produce, identify the components and match them in the SMT placement machine system. If the component does not meet the standard, we must throw the component into the trash can.

    5. According to the settings in the program, adjust the rotation angle of the component through the Z axis of the label head, and move the sticker head to the position set by the program, so that the center of the component matches the sticker position of the sticker.

    6. The nozzle of the SMT placement machine will drop to the height set by the program, turn off the vacuum, and the component will drop to complete the component placement operation.

    7. After using the SMT placement machine to assemble the components, we need to reset the nozzle position. We will transfer the installed PCB board to the set position interface

    Multi-function machines often contact our SMT placement machine team in the SMT placement industry. If we do not know that the operation of the SMT placement machine will not be used correctly, then let me compensate you and introduce the following four important steps: our machine.

    1. SMT patch transportation: The transportation function is an important function of the entire SMT patch automatic production workshop. It is mainly responsible for the reasonable transportation of PCB boards through the upper and lower board machines, and can cooperate with the SMT placement machine to achieve high-speed production functions.

    2. SMT pick-up: SMT pick-up plays a central role in the function of the SMT placement machine. During the operation of the SMT placement machine, the system provides location information and item information for the system to provide the machine with The human head is drained and pasted to the target position to realize the production paper. Generally, the learning SMT patch takes the shortest time, and the higher the accuracy is the key to the performance test.

    3. Calibration check: check the errors in the production process during the work for us to arrange and classify. After the assembly task of the SMT placement machine is completed, you can select the AOI inspection equipment for testing, perform PCB assembly testing and inspection, and when the failure occurs Timely adjustments and solutions have enabled us to save costs and reduce waste.

    4. Arrangement and adjustment: After completing all assembly inspection tasks, we can also conduct a second inspection. Under normal circumstances, you should check whether the center of the component matches the center of the installation position of the SMT placement machine, and ensure that the component meets the current installation requirements.