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SMT machine supports equipment and two processes
SMT machine supports equipment and two processes

SMT machine supports equipment and two processes


SMT placement machine production line and supporting equipment description

    In our life, work, and study, if there is a team that can enable us to achieve double results with half the effort, then in the SMT placement machine industry, if you want to achieve fast and accurate SMT placement production, you also need According to the cooperation of the team, the multifunctional SMT placement supplier asked me to explain which SMT placement machine equipment is the equipment to support the team

    1: Solder paste mixer

    This task is used in solder paste. It can have a fixed effect in the next task before it is pasted on a certain substance to the required smear. In contrast, we manually make the solder paste mixer mixer faster and more Good results, both are better in terms of mixing speed and uniformity, thus promoting the progress of the entire production line

    2: Screen printing machine

pcb board

    Evenly mix the solder paste into the SMT chip (PCB) board of the SMT placement machine, no matter too much or too little solder paste will affect our output effect, so we can use a screen printer to print on the PCB, First, we can use a fixed PCB screen printer, and then evenly spread the solder paste on the screen printer.

    3: Reflow oven

    After the SMT placement machine is our common reflow soldering machine, its main task is to melt the solder paste on the surface through the heat of the SMT placement machine board. It can make my component and the solder of the PCB tightly bond together. So as to realize that we not only need the production requirements, but also prevent the PCB phenomenon and component deformation

    4: Test equipment

    General testing equipment is the final location. The entire production line mainly includes online testing equipment and offline testing equipment. According to different requirements and operation methods, we must choose different equipment for testing so that we can know where the SMT patch product is experiencing problems. The SMT placement machine has leaks, twists or throws waiting phenomenon, and can be replaced and maintained in time.

The two main production processes of SMT placement machines

    In the fully automatic assembly production of our industry, we must know that the placement machine can be used on the bottom plate of the paste production work, and then know its production method. What is the production process of SMT placement machines? Let us explain the two major processes of SMT placement machine production.

    1. Mix

    1. Single-sided hybrid process: This means that when assembling the PCB, we will evenly paste the plug-ins and components on one side/side of the PCB

    Process flow: It is necessary to print SMT patch on one side of the PCB board of the SMT placement machine, then continue reflow soldering on the other side, and continue the connection operation on the other side

    2. Double-sided assembly process: During the assembly process, the components to be installed will be installed on one side of the PCB board, and the other side will be installed in a series of accessories we need.

    Process flow: Screen solder paste is required for the A side of the PCB of the SMT placement machine-SMT patch-manual soldering and verification of the A side of the PCB-the B side of the SOLDER solder paste