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Selection category of SMT placement equipment
Selection category of SMT placement equipment

Selection category of SMT placement equipment


About the selection of SMT patch processing and placement equipment

With the rapid development of surface assembly technology, placement machines have become more and more widely used in my country's electronic assembly industry. Faced with many types of placement machines, how to select the type is still a complicated and difficult task. The following will give a general introduction to several key technical issues that should be paid attention to when selecting the placement machine. At present, the placement machine can be roughly divided into 4 types: boom type, compound type, turntable type and large parallel system. Different types of placement machines have their own advantages and disadvantages, which usually depend on the requirements of the application or process on the system, and there is also a certain balance between its speed and accuracy.

1) Boom type placement machine

The boom type has better flexibility and precision, and is suitable for most components. High-precision machines are generally of this type. But its speed cannot be compared with compound, turntable and large parallel systems. As component arrangements are increasingly concentrated on active devices (such as QFP and BGA array devices), assembly accuracy plays a crucial role in high yields. Boom type machines are divided into single-arm type and multi-arm type. The single-arm type is the earliest developed multi-functional placement machine that is still in use. The multi-arm type placement machine developed on the basis of the single-arm type can double the work efficiency. For example, YV112 contains two A boom mounting head with a suction nozzle can install two printed circuit boards at the same time.

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2) Compound placement machine

The compound type is developed from the boom type machine. It combines the characteristics of the turntable type and the boom type. A turntable is installed on the boom. Like Simens's Siplace80S series placement machine, there are 2 with 12 suction The turntable of the mouth. Since the compound machine can increase the speed by increasing the number of booms, it has better flexibility, so its development prospects are optimistic. For example, Simens's latest HS50S machine is equipped with 4 such rotating heads, and the mounting speed can be Up to 50,000 tablets per hour.

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3) Turntable mounter

Due to the simultaneous pick-up of components and placement of the turntable type, the placement speed is greatly increased. The high-speed placement machine of this structure is the most common application in my country. Not only is the speed higher, but the performance is very stable, such as Panasonic's MSH3 machine, the placement speed can reach 0.075 s/piece. However, due to the limitation of the structure of this machine, its placement speed has reached a certain limit, and it is impossible to increase it significantly.

4) Large-scale parallel system placement machine,

The large parallel system consists of a series of small hernia vertical assembly machines, each with a screw positioning system and a manipulator, and the manipulator is equipped with a camera and a placement head. Each placement head picks up components from several tape feeders, and can mount multiple circuit boards in multiple partitions, and these boards are aligned in position by machine timing conversion angle. For example, the FCM machine of Phlips Company has 16 placement heads, achieving a placement speed of 0.037 5 s/piece, but for each SMT placement head, the placement speed is about 0.6 s/piece, which still has a large margin. Increased possibility.

Hybrid, turntable, and large parallel systems are high-speed installation systems and are generally used for small chip component placement. The turntable type machine is also called "chip shooter" because it is usually used to assemble chip resistors and capacitors. In addition, this type of machine has the ability to "shoot out" at high speed. Because passive components and other leaded components require low precision, chip shooter assembly can achieve higher productivity. Because the structure of high-speed machines is much more complicated than that of ordinary boom-type machines, the price is much higher. This should be taken into consideration when selecting equipment.