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What is the reason for the false welding in PCBA processing?
What is the reason for the false welding in PCBA processing?

What is the reason for the false welding in PCBA processing?


In PCBA processing, the phenomenon of virtual soldering sometimes occurs. Virtual soldering is also commonly referred to as cold soldering, which means that the components appear to be welded on the surface, but they are not actually connected internally, or are in an intermediate unstable state where they are not always connected. Not only will it affect the characteristics of the circuit, but it will also cause the quality of the PCB board to be unqualified or even scrapped. The following describes the causes and solutions of PCB Assembly processing virtual welding


1) PCBA virtual soldering is a common line fault, and the common causes of virtual soldering are the following two:

1. In the production process, caused by improper production process, such as poor soldering or lack of tin, the component feet and solder pads are not conductive, etc., and the circuit board is in an unstable state where it is always connected and not connected;

2) Due to the long-term use of electrical appliances, some parts with severe heat generation are extremely prone to aging and peeling or impurity in the solder joints at the solder feet.

Second, the method to solve the PCBA virtual soldering:

1) The components must be stored in a moisture-proof storage, such as a moisture-proof cabinet;

2) The in-line electrical appliances can be slightly polished before welding;

3) When soldering, you can use solder paste and flux, it is best to use a reflow soldering machine, manual soldering requires good skills;

4) Reasonably choose a good PCB substrate material.

In the process of PCBA processing, virtual soldering is an important reason that affects the quality of the circuit board. Once the virtual soldering phenomenon occurs, it needs to be reworked, which not only increases labor pressure, but also reduces production efficiency and causes losses to the enterprise. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid virtual soldering as much as possible. The occurrence of the phenomenon should be inspected well, and once the false welding occurs, the cause needs to be found and solved immediately.